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Workplace Accidents Archives

Baby now fatherless after one of many logging workplace accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the logging industry continues to be one of the most dangerous jobs that exists. Despite its known dangers and frequent workplace accidents, job seekers continue to work in the industry due to its higher entry level hourly pay compared to others. Not long ago, a California man lost his life in an unfortunate accident at a logging company resulting in his death.

Workplace accidents can result in injury and death

Safety violations in a workplace can result and injury and death for employees. The state of California attempts to prevent injuries by instilling and enforcing standard safety polices and procedures. Despite enforcement, violations and workplace accidents still occur. Recently, a man lost his life at his job and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has cited the business with multiple safety code violations.

Construction worker suffers fatal work injury in fall accident

California construction workers face numerous life-threatening hazards every day. Unfortunately, some employers disregard employee safety and allow hazardous environments to persist in which workplace injuries are not at all uncommon. Many lives are lost in fall accidents due to a lack of personal protective equipment. Investigators will determine whether that was the case when a recent fall caused a fatal work injury at a Los Angeles construction site.

Work injury occurred during Soberanes fire, investigation pending

Recently while fighting a serious fire in Soberanes, a worker was injured and was taken to a hospital for emergency medical treatment. The employer is currently under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration due to the circumstances surrounding the work injury and accident. The injured worker was operating a water tender at the time of the unfortunate incident.

Construction worker struck by big rig, suffers fatal work injury

Work accidents that result in injuries occur with great frequency across the country, especially on construction sites. Sadly, a fatal work injury is an all too common tragedy seen on numerous job sites every year. Recently, a California man died in an accident that occurred while he was working on a highway, a location that is the cause of many California work accidents.

Man injured on the job, rushed to hospital after accident

Workers' compensation is an insurance program established to protect employees who have suffered an injury while at work. When a California worker is injured on the job or becomes ill while working, he or she is likely eligible for workers' compensation. The day-to-day responsibilities of those employed in construction often include a greater exposure to risk. It  makes sense for them to be aware of their rights when they are injured and in need of medical care and financial assistance.  

Bulldozer worker suffers work injury in accident, dies

Most workers in California are safe, responsible, and thoroughly understand all of the dangers that the work entails at the job. Proper precautions are taken, the right safety equipment -- if needed -- is worn, and risks that would unnecessarily violate the workplace's safety protocols are not taken. Unfortunately, even when all of the above is kept in mind and the worker does everything right, a significant work injury can still occur while on the job.

Company facing fines after worker suffers fatal work injury

Those in California who work in construction know that their job carries with it a significant of risk of injury. Between workers high above the ground and heavy machinery, a construction site is a dangerous place. If proper safety equipment and training is not utilized and implemented by the company, a serious work injury may result. A construction company is now facing fines due to an accident that occurred earlier this year and resulted in a worker's death.

Where to find answers for questions about workers' compensation

When a California worker is injured on the job, a complicated process may unfold in the days and weeks that follow. Depending on the circumstances and severity of an injury, an injured worker may require repeated visits to a doctor in order to achieve recovery. In addition, the incident must be reported to the employer and documents signed and submitted if a workers' compensation claim is being filed.

Worker suffers fatal work injury in construction accident

California construction workers confront dangerous work environments on a daily basis, though workers should not be exposed to danger unnecessarily. When an individual suffers a work injury, he or she may decide to file a workers' compensation claim. In the event of a workers' death, the victim's surviving family members may decide to file for workers' compensation death benefits. 

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