Even If You Have Been Denied SSDI Benefits, Do Not Give Up

Many people come to our office after they have been denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. In many cases, they are terribly worried because they believe there is no hope for them to receive the benefits they need.

If you have been denied SSDI benefits, do not despair. At The Law Office of Gary C. Nelson, we are here to help. With decades of experience, we have handled a large number of SSDI denial claims successfully for our clients in Modesto and the surrounding areas of California. We can help you determine whether you qualify for SSDI benefits and help you through the appeals process.

Determining Eligibility: The Basics

To be eligible for SSDI benefits, you need to have a certain loss of capacity to work, or disability. Based on the degree to which you are disabled, you will be categorized for either medium, light or sedentary work, or a complete inability to work.

We will look at your injuries or illnesses, and determine what category fits your situation. Since every situation is different in SSDI cases, we will help you determine your eligibility based on your unique circumstances.

Fighting For Your Benefits ― The SSDI Appeals Process

Once we determine whether you may be eligible for SSDI benefits, we will look back at your initial application and the denial by the Social Security Administration (SSA). We will represent you in the SSDI process to appeal your case, including the reconsideration, the hearing with the administrative law judge and, if you have a good case for appeal, in the federal appellate courts, as well.

Our attorneys understand how challenging this process is and how important it is for you to receive the benefits you need. We can help you with the SSDI appeals process if you are unable to work and have been denied benefits.

Contact Lawyers With Experience Handling SSDI Cases

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