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Construction workers' accidents often cuased by these issues

Every California worker is at risk for injury on the job. Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others. Construction workers' accidents typically occur more often than accidents in most other industries. In fact, construction ranks high on most lists for the most dangerous jobs in the United States. 

Fatal workplace accident halts California stadium construction

For many people in the United States, the start of football season is anticipated from the time the last season ends. However, there are a vast number of workers required to ensure that the season can start, including construction workers who work to provide adequate facilities available for teams to play. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a man was recently killed in a California workplace accident related to the construction of a football stadium.

Construction worker accident involving dump truck proves fatal

A worker dying while on the job is, thankfully, a rare event, but when it happens, the tragedy has multiple levels. There is the loss of human life and what it means emotionally for the loved ones of that worker, but there is also a practical standpoint to consider, since the family of that worker may have relied on that person's income, which is now gone. This is one of the reasons that workers' compensation exists for employees here in California and across the nation. One recent construction worker accident in another state may result in workers' comp claims after one man died and another was seriously injured.

Fatal construction accident linked to contractor negligence

Construction workers in California do important and often dangerous work. It is imperative that they are protected when they're on the job. Most companies see to that by making sure their workers are properly trained, have safety equipment and a safe work site. Unfortunately, not every company is always so scrupulous. One recent construction accident out of state resulted in the death of a worker and officials are pointing to the company involved for responsibility.

Fatal construction accident under investigation

For many drivers in California, road construction can be viewed as an annoyance. However, construction workers are often putting their lives at risk as they attempt to make road improvements. Unfortunately, a construction accident in another state has resulted in a fatality.

Construction workers' accidents: Caltrans settles for millions

Caltrans recently agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement with a California man.  The settlement was due to a horrific accident that the young man suffered nearly eight years ago. Construction workers' accidents like his can drastically change an individual's quality of life. 

Construction workers' accidents: Man struck by nail gun and dies

A well-loved California man had recently secured his green card when he experienced a sudden fatal accident at his job. Sadly, construction workers' accidents like his are bound to happen when people work in unsafe environments. In cases like his, grieving families are often left to adjust their lives and finances without their loved one.

Too many construction workers' accidents involve unsafe trenches

Lives are lost on job sites across California every day. Safety authorities maintain that most construction workers' accidents are preventable -- all it takes is compliance with prescribed safety standards. To create awareness and promote compliance, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, along with other organizations, dedicate one week to safe trenching in June each year.

Construction workers' accidents: Man suffers fatal injury

Construction and expansion throughout California often provide work and income to skilled workers, but, unfortunately, all construction sites maintain some risk to workers. When construction workers' accidents occur, workers and their families are at risk of losing much-needed income. When a worker suffers a fatal injury, families may struggle to cope emotionally and financially. Fortunately, many families are qualified to file for worker's compensation death benefits to assist in the financial transition. Sadly, one family in another state is experiencing the shocking grief of a loved one following a tragic accident on a building site.  

Construction workers' accidents: Crane crash kills 4

Accidents in the California construction industry are all too common. Unfortunately, construction workers' accidents can result in serious injuries and death. Injured workers may be overwhelmed with filing workers' compensation claims to cover medical and expenses and lost income. And surviving families of those workers killed on the job have their hands full struggling to come to terms with their losses. A recent crash on a construction site in another state resulted in the deaths of four people and injured others.  

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