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Workplace Illness Archives

We can help you obtain a fair settlement after a work accident

If you have been injured at work, you know how complicated and overwhelming it can be to deal with the medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses that you have endured. Getting a fair settlement for your accident seems like an impossible task, and it may take a concentrated effort from a legal professional to secure your rightful compensation. It is important to have a lawyer on your side from the very beginning of the workers' compensation process.

Suffering from a work injury or work-related illness?

Work-related injuries can result in financial difficulties and may compromise a person's ability to perform the same job duties as before, preventing him or her from providing for his or her family. A work-related illness or repetitive stress injury can also cause significant harm, but California workers may not understand their rights regarding compensation. An illness or work injury related to repetitive motion should not be overlooked simply because it did not result from a work accident.

Preventing a work injury caused by Valley Fever

Coccidioides immitis is the scientific name for a microscopic fungus that thrives in the top two to 12 inches of the soil here in California. When the soil is disturbed, the fungus can be released and inhaled by workers, which could cause them to contract Valley Fever -- a respiratory fungal infection that could initially present itself with flu-like symptoms. Even though mild cases often resolve on their own, some people who suffer this type of work injury have a much harder time recovering and could need additional, more aggressive treatment.

There is still help when a work injury claim is denied

After a work injury, most people confront the process of filing a work injury claim. There is the expectation that a claim is considered and a worker can expect any financial issues related to the work injury to be dealt with. But, there are times when a California worker may file a workers' compensation claim only to have that claim denied. Having that claim denied does not have to be the end of the road.

Several suffer a work injury in California related to flooding

A recent incident of flooding has garnered attention. The rupture of a water main in Los Angeles, California, caught national attention as tens of millions of gallons of water poured through the campus and flooded streets, buildings and parking garages. However, several people responding to the scene have now reportedly suffered a work injury related to trying to get control of the flooding.

Work injury may not be seen, but still troublesome EPA says

California is known for its agriculture industries. Many local farms and agricultural work places use pesticides and other chemicals that can pose both seen and hidden dangers. State legislators are hoping to bring attention to the risk of work injury by pesticide and chemicals as the federal government proposes legislation to remove warnings that were once required to be posted.

California farm closed as result of work injury that led to death

During this time of year, the heat can be as dangerous as any machine or tool used in any workplace. Without proper training, awareness or access to help, a work injury can lead to death when excessive heat is a factor. For one California farm, an order to stop operations has resulted from the death of a worker that may be due to the heat and lack of proper procedure.

Work injury in California popcorn factory worker raises concern

Another study is out regarding workers suffering from respiratory illness and other potential health hazards due to their exposure to certain chemicals in microwave popcorn. These chemicals are often found in the popcorn's butter flavoring. It has been alleged that workers across California and the country are at risk of a work injury as a result of being exposed to these chemicals. However, despite the risks associated with these chemicals, California is one of the few states in the country that has taken any action to reduce the potential harm to workers suffering from prolonged exposure.

Article points out alarming work injury rate in California

A recently published article has pointed to some alarming statistics regarding workplace safety for warehouse workers. The article was published by University of California Riverside sociology researchers and focuses on data provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and many other sources. These statistics show that warehouse workers face some of the toughest working conditions of any field in the United States and are subject to a higher work injury rate than many other comparable professions.

California woman fired over work injury wins lawsuit

A jury made a substantial statement against a company in a recent California civil case verdict. In the June 21 decision, the jury awarded the woman an $8.5 million judgment against her former employer. The woman stated in her lawsuit that she was fired after suffering a work injury.

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