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Construction workers' accidents: Teenager run over by forkift

Several California construction workers recently witnessed a tragic and horrific accident of another co-worker while completing construction on an apartment building. Sadly, it is a reminder that construction workers' accidents are not uncommon and can result in fatal injuries for workers. State laws require most employers to provide workers' compensation insurance for all types of construction workers' accidents, including fatal ones. Employees may be interested in the details of the recent construction accident that took the life of a teenage employee.

Construction workers' accidents: Family loses father this holiday

It is never a good time of the year to lose a loved one. However, the loss of a loved during the holidays is all the more difficult and sad. California workers may be saddened to learn of one family's loss this holiday season in one of the country's recent fatal construction workers' accidents.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed at windy job site

California companies and contractors are often under a lot of pressure to complete a job on time. Despite code enforcement and permit requirements, safety policies are sometimes disregarded in effort to speed up work. Sadly, when safety is ignored, construction workers' accidents can occur, resulting in serious work injuries and/or death. One family in another state has suffered unexpected grief during the holidays following a father's death on a work site that may have been unsafe.

Construction workers' accidents: Family seeks funds for funeral

Crowd fundraising websites have become popular in recent years to raise money for just about anything an individual can think of to request financial help. It is often used when individuals receive news that they require expensive medical treatment or a family member suffers the sudden loss of a loved one. When fatal construction workers' accidents occur on the job, families may also be entitled to workers' compensation death benefits, which may provide some compensation in addition to funds from family and friends. Sadly, one California family recently lost their loved one during an unfortunate accident at a construction site and has turned to crowdfunding to help with burial expenses.

Construction workers' accidents: Company fined for violations

It is difficult to deny the impact that invention and improvement of various tools over the years have had on the construction field. While various tools may enable workers to finish a job in an efficient and timely manner, if not used properly, they can result in serious construction workers' accidents. The California Department of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently concluded an investigation involving an employee who was injured by a nail gun tool.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by falling wood

When working in building construction, workers are aware that there are safety risks all around them. Whether it is unstable work environments, the large equipment they work with or dangerous tools, there are many ways to suffer an injury on a construction site. When construction workers' accidents occur, employees may need to file a claim through the state-managed workers' compensation program to aide in associated costs. Sadly, one California family may be filing their own claim following the death of their loved one while at work.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by falling beam

Some workplace accidents are not preventable. Outside forces such as weather can contribute to an accident despite all precautions to prevent one. On the other hand, many accidents are preventable as long as codes followed and safety measures are taken. Sadly, a California worker became another victim of one of the many construction workers' accidents that occur throughout the state.

Construction workers' accidents: Man crushed by forklift

Construction equipment is amazing, and the workers behind the equipment are incredibly skilled to build massive structures, roads, tunnels and more.  Historically, it is not uncommon for workers to become injured or die while trying to complete the work on a construction site. Sometimes, equipment is unstable, and there are risks that workers must take. In the present, most employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance when construction workers' accidents occur. Sadly, one California family may need to file a claim for death benefits after the loss of their loved one.

Construction workers' accidents: Company fined thousands

There are multiple safety checks required when working with large construction equipment. Unfortunately, safety devices and protocols only promote the safety of workers when used and enforced by employers. A failure of effective training of employees on how to maintain safety can result in serious construction workers' accidents. One employer has recently been cited over $200,000 in fines in relation to a fatal accident in California earlier this year.

Construction workers' accidents: Young worker hit by semi

Construction workers who complete work on open roadways and freeways put their lives at risk every day while on the job. It only takes a small distraction for a driver to accidentally drift into a construction zone where workers have no protection from an oncoming car. Families who have lost loved ones in fatal construction workers' accidents may be curious how to handle the sudden financial impact of the loss. Sadly, one family in California is processing the cost of burial following the death of a construction worker.

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