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Posts tagged "lost wages"

California man fights for his life and then workers' compensation

As many California drivers can attest to, their long commute is often the source of much anxiety and frustration. However, drivers of big-rig trucks, who are often transporting explosive materials, feel this anxiety ten-fold. As was the case with a Bakersfield man who was badly injured when his rig exploded in Oct. 2013, sometimes accidents happen. Though he made it out alive, he is still fighting for his workers' compensation over a year and a half later.

Construction worker suffered an injury on the job

Work involving heavy machinery can be dangerous despite the many safety regulations in place across the country. For one worker, performing construction duties on a college campus led to an accident, and the worker suffered an injury on the job. Any California worker who deals with heavy machinery may want to learn more about the incident.

Elderly employee suffers work injury at California Walmart

Elderly employees at certain companies are given job positions and duties that reflect their abilities related to their age and health. For one elderly employee at a California Walmart, performing the duty of checking a receipt to prevent theft led to a work injury. The 78-year-old employee is still recovering from the incident, which was all caught on tape.

Tree trimming leads to fatal work injury in California

Any kind of work that requires climbing or being suspended from very high points can be unsettling and lead to injury. For some industries, there is no way of avoiding the dangers of being hoisted up high above the ground. In California recently, a man sustained a fatal work injury as a result of doing work that required being high up in the air.

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