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Workplace Accidents Archives

New safety standards may help reduce work injury cases

Work place technology has changed dramatically over the last few years, especially in the manufacturing industry. In an attempt to keep up and also limit work injury cases, California companies and others are trying to implement new machine safety standards. In a recent industry news report, one California manager and safety expert implies consistency in machine safety standards is needed.

Scientists frequently injured on the job in lab accidents

A study on laboratory safety was recently conducted on behalf of the Center for Lab Safety at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). The university elected to conduct this study in light of recent accidents in the science department. Considering the number of lab workers who have been injured on the job in recent years, it seems that some changes may need to be made in safety procedures at UCLA.

California worker dies from forklift accident injuries

Accidents in the workplace can happen so suddenly; even in the midst of performing a general maintenance task. Sometimes they can be fatal accidents. A California man recently sustained a work injury that resulted in his death. The worker was employed at a plastics company and was performing service on a forklift when the work injury occurred. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is now investigating.

California highway worker suffered an injury on the job

A recent traffic accident in a highway construction zone has claimed the life of an off-duty police officer and seriously injured a California highway worker. Road work was being done on Highway 132, and it was limited to one lane of traffic with eastbound and westbound traffic alternating usage of the open lane. Authorities say a semi-truck slammed into the rear of the off-duty officer's vehicle, causing that car to lurch forward into a second vehicle. The impact killed the driver of the first vehicle, and the California highway worker suffered an injury on the job as the second car careened into him.

California worker injured in elevator shaft fall

Recently, a California construction worker was injured when he fell approximately 25 feet down an elevator shaft. According to Palo Alto Fire Department officials, the man was working on the second floor of an office building in the Stanford Research Park when he was injured on the job. Authorities responding to the call that morning found that the man had plunged through an opening in an elevator shaft at the work site.

California workers' compensation bill signed into law

With the recent economic struggles in the U.S. economy, many state and local governments are looking to amend laws in their effort to reduce their bottom line. Few states have felt the effects of the struggling economy more than California. After a recent bill was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, lawmakers are claiming that the state's workers' compensation system has taken a positive step toward being more efficient for both employers and injured workers.

California fireworks display results in fatal work injury

Fireworks should always be handled with extreme caution. Given the volatile nature of fireworks and their potential to produce damaging explosions, California workers who work with fireworks are required to take the utmost care in preparing these fireworks displays to protect all individuals who will be near the fireworks when they are ignited. Unfortunately, in a recent tragic accident, a young California man suffered a fatal work injury while setting up a fireworks display, and it remains unclear what exactly caused the accident to occur.

Fatal workplace accident: ladder fall leads to tragedy

Accidents on the job that result in an injury occur on a frequent basis across the country. A fatal work injury, although not as common, still occurs on numerous job sites each year. In a recent out-of-state case, one man died as the result of an accident that occurred while he was on a ladder, a tool that is the cause of many California work accidents.

Workers' compensation: woman looses scalp in work injury

A woman is recovering after being seriously injured at her job in an auto parts factory on the night of July 2. She had been working at the factory for just six days and suffered the serious work injury when her hair reportedly became entangled in the machine she was working on. Her hair was pulled into the machine and her scalp was largely ripped from her head.

Work injury risk at Los Angeles waste plant yields hefty fines

California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) has handed out 36 violations to a Los Angeles- based solid waste company that resulted in nearly $39,000 in fines.

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