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Workplace Accidents Archives

Construction accident might result in workers' compensation claim

An out-of-state construction accident that occurred recently took one construction worker's life while seriously injuring another. A car ran off the roadway and traveled through a construction site where the two individuals were working, police say. When construction accidents like these occur in California that result in construction workers suffering injuries, those workers are typically entitled to file for workers' compensation benefits.

Construction worker suffers work injury in crane accident

A construction worker was seriously injured in a recent construction accident when a crane collapsed at the job site. The accident occurred in South Park on a recent Wednesday in January, according to a report from officials from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department and the California Highway Patrol. When a California worker suffers a work injury like this, he or she is typically entitled to submit a workers' compensation claim.

Construction worker suffers fatal work injury

A construction worker was recently killed as the result of an injury he suffered while working. The fatal work accident took place out of state on a recent Wednesday afternoon in December. When California individuals are killed in a work injury, their loved ones are typically entitled to file for workers' compensation death benefits in order to help defray costs associated with fatal accidents such as these.

Construction worker suffers fatal work injury

An out-of-state construction accident that took the life of a worker occurred recently. The 29-year-old man was killed on a recent Wednesday in December after heavy machinery fell on him, officials say. When a fatal work injury occurs in California, the surviving family of the deceased worker are typically entitled to  workers' compensation death benefits to help defray some of the costs typically associated with such an accident.

Gasoline line accident may prompt workers' compensation claim

Sadly, many California residents are injured or killed each year in workplace accidents. While certain lines of work carry more risk than others, it is difficult for many people to fathom the idea of incurring serious injuries at work. Fortunately for those who are injured and the families of those killed in these types of accidents workers' compensation claims are possible.

2 California construction workers critically injured on the job

Most people feel relatively safe going to work each day. With a few exceptions, performing normal job expectations does not place most workers in harm's way. Construction, however, is one line of work that comes with a significant amount of risk. Many construction workers in California and across the country are injured on the job each year while performing their day-to-day job responsibilities.

Arborist fatally injured on the job by falling log

In many lines of work in California, the risk of injury often goes hand in hand with an individual's work responsibilities. However, some lines of work carry with them an increased chance of suffering serious, if not fatal, injuries. An arborist was recently fatally injured on the job, authorities said.

Three people injured on the job when structure collapses

Construction work, like many other types of professions involving manual labor, carries a certain amount of risk. Many construction accidents in California that occur on roadways are the result of vehicles striking workers. In the case of three construction workers injured on the job in Willits, however, injuries occurred because of an apparently unsound wooden structure that collapsed.

Construction worker injured on the job due to hit-and-run

Of all the lines of work that people find themselves in throughout their lives, many California residents know that working in construction can be one of the most dangerous. Between working with powerful tools and colossal construction vehicles, as well as dealing with the heights at which he or she must often work, a construction worker is exposed to an enormous amount of danger on a day-to-day basis. Needless to say, accidents occur, and workers are often injured on the job.

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