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Workplace Accidents Archives

California fast food worker injured on the job

There are certain fields where a person may find they have several duties to perform during a shift. In the fast food industry, workers may be required to do more than serve or make food. There may even be duties that require them to be outside of the restaurant and vulnerable to being injured on the job. One fast food worker in California was injured on the job recently while outside of the establishment.

Acid leads to work injury at California refinery

There are certain industries that entail more inherent dangers than others. Any kind of work or industry that includes working with chemicals or acids can be the site of a work injury despite the amount of training or safety measures that may be in place. A California refinery was recently the site of a work injury. This is the second incident of this kind to occur at the facility in just over a month.

2 workers injured on the job at drilling site

Any kind of work involving oil and gas can be particularly dangerous. Workers who have to handle day-to-day operations at drilling sites typically receive a great deal of training. However, despite any amount of training, accidents can occur and can lead to workers injured on the job. With the number of refineries and gas and oil drilling sites located throughout California, workers may want to be aware of accidents and injuries that happen elsewhere.

California airport worker suffers fatal work injury

When people think about dangerous jobs, they may not think too much about airports except in the context of the dangers involved in flight. However, there are many other California airport jobs that could lead to a work injury. In fact, a recent incident at LAX highlights just how dangerous the workplace can really be.

California worker injured on the job when crane goes awry

Construction work is notoriously dangerous, hence the strict codes and regulations when construction work is being done anywhere. In California, there are strict rules and training mandates in place to protect workers. Despite those protections, there are times when a worker is injured on the job, even when that worker has apparently done nothing wrong.

Woman suffers work injury at California distribution center

Busy distribution centers that package and send out countless items can be dangerous places to work, especially because of the heavy equipment involved. A relatively new Amazon facility in California was the site of a recent work injury incident. The facility in question has only been operational for just over a year.

Cell tower is site of fatal work injury

Any kind of work that involves climbing to great heights can potentially be dangerous regardless of safety measures or amount of training. Cell phone towers are a common sight in California and everywhere, as the need arises for more and more towers to accommodate demand. Recently, a cell phone tower became the scene of a fatal work injury incident.

3 suffer work injury in California, investigation ensues

The majority of the time, any kind of construction work, both commercial and residential, goes off without a hitch. Most every California company adheres to strict safety codes and standards, along with training for those on the job. There are other times when safety codes or standards are not followed through with, and workers can find themselves in danger. Recently, three construction workers each suffered a serious work injury, leading to an investigation and troubling questions about the company.

Worker suffers work injury at generation station

Any kind of work or operation inside of an electrical generation station can be dangerous. Workers are highly trained to work around the electrical components. However, those who are there to do a job unrelated to electricity can suffer from a work injury also. Any California carpenter who works on any industrial site may want to follow the story of a recent work injury at an electrical generation station in another state.

California temp workers face high risk of work injury

For millions, working with temporary agencies and doing what is collectively known as 'temp work' may be the only way to put food on the table. Temp work can be exhausting, difficult to learn quickly. According to recent reports, it can also lead to a higher risk of work injury. Reportedly, California ranks pretty high on the list of states where temp work injury statistics are quite high.

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