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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Industrial workers' accidents: Man injured at glass plant

For most people in California, work is an essential part of life to survive and maintain a standard of living. Unfortunately, when an employee is injured, his or her ability to work may be threatened. Some injuries allow a person to return to work, and others do not. Because of the environment, industrial workers' accidents often result in serious injuries. One man in another state recently suffered serious injuries in the glass plant where he was employed, and he will likely be filing a workers' compensation claim.

Safety training can prevent industrial workers' accidents

While workers in all industries in California have to face safety hazards every day, certain industries pose higher risks than others. Certain industrial hazards threaten blue-collar workers and technicians in construction, mining and other industries. Authorities believe that the occurrence of the most frequently reported industrial workers' accidents could be minimized with proper safety training.

Death benefits for fatal industrial workers' accidents

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health strives to enforce safety standards for all work environments, including industrial sites across the state. Unfortunately, despite safety standards, industrial workers' accidents still occur, and they can result in serious injury and death. Sadly, in another state, a construction worker was recently killed while working on the job.

Industrial workers' accidents can be fatal and costly

Accidents can happen on any job resulting in injuries of those involved, but some work environments naturally are more risky than others. Employers are required by the state of California to carry workers' compensation insurance to benefit and aide any employee who may be injured on the job. Industrial workers' accidents unfortunately can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Recently, a family lost their husband and father as a result of an unfortunate accident working for an electrical company.

Industrial workers' accidents in California can be fatal

The state of California requires all employers to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage to protect anyone that may be injured on a job regardless of the level of the risk on the work site. Some job sites naturally entail more potential risk to employees than others. Construction and industrial jobs are some of the more dangerous jobs that exist. Industrial workers' accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries. Sadly, a man recently died from injuries suffered while working on a Cirque due Soleil show.

OSHA says fatal work injury to lathe operator was preventable

The prevalence of workplace accidents in which workers in California and other states lose limbs or other body parts is alarming. It is also disturbing that so many people in industrial setups are expected to work in environments in which their health and safety are in jeopardy. During a recent investigation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors found that a man suffered a fatal work injury because his employer allowed him to work on a machine on which the safety device was bypassed.

1 killed in fatal construction work injury

Construction zones abound in California, and working at one can be dangerous. If injured at a work site, a construction worker is likely entitled to workers' compensation benefits. In the event a worker suffers a fatal work injury, the victim's family will be entitled to death benefits instead.

Worker's foot caught in machine, may seek workers' compensation

Keeping their workplace safe is a very real issue for all California employers in today's economy. Most do everything in their power to comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to safety standards. However, no matter how safe a work environment may be, there is still a significant chance that workers on construction sites will, at one time or another, suffer a serious injury that will result in them filing workers' compensation claims.

Man suffers fatal work injury at hotel construction site

Construction sites are bountiful in California, but not all of them are entirely safe. No matter the worker's experience, he or she often faces a variety of dangers at every turn. When someone suffers a work injury, it may not always be immediately clear what caused it, which can leave other workers at risk until the safety inadequacy is discovered and addressed.

Work injury leads to man's death

Industrial workplaces in California might be necessary, but this does not mean that they are ideal environments for workers. Whether working in a manufacturing facility or factory, employees often face dangers at every turn. When a work injury does occur, it is not always immediately clear what led to it, leaving others at risk until safety inadequacies are discovered and addressed. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration cautioned that its investigation into an out-of-state workers' death could take around six months.

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