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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Overpass in Corona collapses, 9 suffer work injury

California transportation officials recently ordered what is known as a "safety stand down" in relation to a recent construction accident. The accident resulted in nine workers suffering a work injury. The work suspension, which will affect a widening project for the 91 freeway, is set to last for the weekend.

Worker falls 30 feet, suffers serious work injury

Work accidents often occur at California construction sites. Due to the great heights at which workers often work, as well as the heavy machinery typically found on a job site, a work injury in these circumstances can result in serious injuries. A recent out-of-state construction accident ended up with a worker injured and sent to the hospital.

Work injury results in construction worker's electrocution

As many California residents know, accidents can occur in many lines of work. However, when work injuries occur, the victims are often at construction sites. Due to the heavy equipment typically employed, the heights climbed, as well as the overall dangerous working conditions, accidents are unfortunately common. A recent work injury that occurred at a construction site resulted in one worker being sent to the hospital.

Work injury occurs at construction site in Freetown

In many lines of work in California, employees expose themselves to danger and physical harm on a daily basis. Whether operating heavy machinery or performing their job's responsibilities in hostile environments, these individuals' chances of suffering a work injury is greatly heightened in these workplaces. One of the most dangerous environments to work in is construction. This has been evidenced by a recent construction accident that sent one man to the hospital.

Fatal fall, workers' compensation death benefits possible

A fatal construction accident occurred recently in early September in Jamul. The accident involved a construction worker who fell around five stories and died as a result of his injuries. When workers die while on the job from accidents such as this one, their loved ones typically seek to file a workers' compensation death benefits claim.

Fatal accidents and workers' compensation death benefits

Being employed as an industrial or construction worker can carry with it a greater chance of being injured on the job. Between working with heavy machinery, climbing to dizzying heights and sometimes working far below the surface of the earth, this chance of injury is around every corner on many job sites. When an injury results in a California worker being fatally wounded on the job, his or her dependents are entitled to file for workers' compensation death benefits.

Construction worker suffers work injury, lifted out of dam

Injuries on construction sites are a common occurrence in California. A construction worker in Sacramento suffered a work injury and was rescued from a 40-foot deep dam recently. The worker was at a job site on the Sacramento River for the Davis-Woodland Water Intake project.

Roof collapses, construction worker suffers work injury

In regards to workplace danger in California, there is perhaps no other workplace environment that offers more danger than that of an industrial or construction worker. Between heavy machinery and the tools often required to get the job done, the average industrial and construction worker goes up against a slew of dangers while attending to his or her daily responsibilities. As a result of these dangerous environs, a work injury is often viewed as an unfortunate -- if not inevitable -- aspect of that specific line of work.

Worker's arms severed in industrial work injury

Over the course of an individual's life, he or she may work in a variety of occupations. Although each position holds its own dangers, there are few occupations that put a worker in danger in California more consistently than industrial work. A recent work injury might have the injured worker filing for workers' compensation benefits.

Industrial work injury: steamroller runs over California worker

Workplace accidents can happen in nearly any field of work. From slipping on the stairs on the way to the office to falling from a scaffold at a construction site, many California workers are at risk every day they arrive at work. Perhaps one of the most dangerous fields in which a work injury often occurs is in industrial work.

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