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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

California construction site accidents and workers' compensation

Workers in many lines of work in California are susceptible to getting injured on the job. Whether lifting heavy boxes in a warehouse or working with sharp objects in a kitchen, when a worker is not careful, injuries can often be the result. However, some of the most dangerous places to work are very often construction sites, as the potential injuries incurred can be serious, if not life-threatening. When a worker is injured on the job in California, he or she is often entitled to receive workers' compensation.

Hot glass causes serious work injury

The dangers of working with glass go far beyond the risk of getting cut. Hot glass can be an extremely dangerous thing with which to work, especially for a worker new to the industry. Any California worker who works with extreme heat and glass combined may want to take heed of the dangers after a worker in another state was severely burned from a work injury he suffered.

Man suffers work injury after fire breaks out

Any place of employment can pose hidden and some not-so-hidden dangers for workers in any given industry. However, fire can be a danger in virtually any line of work and in any industry in California. Recently, a worker in a mechanical shop at a construction company suffered a work injury after a fire broke out at a company.

Work injury rate leads to fines for furniture company

Industrial workplaces and factory work typically encompasses working with dangerous equipment. It is vital and in accordance with the law that California employees be properly trained when working with heavy machinery or equipment that can lead to injuries. After an investigation into Ashley Furniture, the U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration has levied heavy fines against the well-known furniture company due to the high work injury rate and other issues.

Explosion leads to work injury for 5 workers

Working in the gas industry can come with many potential dangers. Those dangers can lead to a work injury at any time and it can also impact the lives of those who live near a gas facility. Anyone who works at a gas processing plant in California may be interested to hear what happened at a plant just north of California recently.

New numbers point to increase of work injury for temp help

Anyone working in any industry should feel they are properly trained and protected while they perform the duties they are being paid to do. However, a new study points to an alarming fact in California and other states. It is being reported that temporary workers are likely to suffer a work injury at a much higher rate than their regular counterparts.

California man suffers broken legs in industrial work accident

An industrial accident has resulted in severe injuries to a 19-year-old California worker. According to reports, the work injury occurred when the young man was working at Unico Mechanical Corp., which provides services for heavy industrial machines. It is believed that a three-ton steel beam, being lifted by a chain-and-hook grip, fell and landed on the man's legs.

California highway worker suffered an injury on the job

A recent traffic accident in a highway construction zone has claimed the life of an off-duty police officer and seriously injured a California highway worker. Road work was being done on Highway 132, and it was limited to one lane of traffic with eastbound and westbound traffic alternating usage of the open lane. Authorities say a semi-truck slammed into the rear of the off-duty officer's vehicle, causing that car to lurch forward into a second vehicle. The impact killed the driver of the first vehicle, and the California highway worker suffered an injury on the job as the second car careened into him.

California construction workers face constant danger

Working on a California construction site can be a dangerous job. In many cases, the construction workers must work to move heavy objects, which if improperly handled, can result in them falling. This risk has resulted in many a serious injury and sometimes the death of a construction worker.

California construction workers: how to protect the family

Sadly, during the course of a year, workers are killed in on-the-job accidents in California and across the country. The emotional and financial strain that the families of deceased construction workers must face is often considerable. Fortunately, in those instances when such a tragedy does strike, they may be able receive assistance. This assistance, which normally comes in the form of workers' compensation death benefits, may serve an extremely useful purpose while a family tries to come to terms with the unthinkable events which occurred.

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