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Posts tagged "Workplace Injuries"

California worker suffered an injury on the job after falling

Outdoor construction work in any capacity can carry a lot of risks and workers can easily become injured without warning. Recently, a California worker suffered an injury on the job when he took a steep fall into a hole. The worker needed medical attention after the incident.

New safety standards may help reduce work injury cases

Work place technology has changed dramatically over the last few years, especially in the manufacturing industry. In an attempt to keep up and also limit work injury cases, California companies and others are trying to implement new machine safety standards. In a recent industry news report, one California manager and safety expert implies consistency in machine safety standards is needed.

California man needs airlifted after work injury

For some workers, their daily jobs may put them at risk for injury or even much worse. Many rely on their employers to do the right thing and cover their expenses if they are the victim of a work injury. For one California worker, his work injury was severe enough to require being airlifted to a medical center for treatment. In most situations like this, workers' compensation benefits become appropriate.

NFL players fight for California work injury compensation

Anyone who has ever watched professional football can see how easily that injuries can occur. However, the state of California decided that players in the National Football League were not legally allowed to seek work injury compensation for any injuries they received playing football. Former players with the NFL have since decided to sue so they can hopefully garner workers' compensation rights in California.

Housekeepers in California hotel protest work injury

A major California hotel has recently decided to settle with its housekeeping staff's union. This settlement is considered by many to be unparalleled in the hotel business. The agreement that has been reached is intended to protect workers from unsafe conditions that could cause a work injury.

California workers can be injured at work by unseen dangers

A recent study has found that offices in California and nationwide can be more dangerous than we realize, both from causes that we can see and those we cannot. Those who work in white-collar office jobs tend to think of their workplaces as predictable and safe. However, there are many common problems in the workplace that could cause someone to be injured at work. Some of the greatest dangers on the job that have been identified include slips, trips and falls.

Joint pain propels the need for California workers' compensation

Joint pain is one of the most frequently claimed disabilities in California workers' compensation claims. A study was done by the California Workers' Compensation Institute that examined the data on work injuries in our state. The study found that joint-related injuries on the job are especially expensive and serious since 40 percent of them result in a permanent condition.

California man suffers broken legs in industrial work accident

An industrial accident has resulted in severe injuries to a 19-year-old California worker. According to reports, the work injury occurred when the young man was working at Unico Mechanical Corp., which provides services for heavy industrial machines. It is believed that a three-ton steel beam, being lifted by a chain-and-hook grip, fell and landed on the man's legs.

California hospital conditions prime to cause serious work injury

A California hospital has been fined for the second time in 2012 because of unsafe working conditions. Some of the violations OSHA found could result in a high probability that workers could suffer a work injury. Two citations against the hospital resulted in fines totaling over $25,000.

Work injury marks second in 2 months at Disneyland California

As our California readers likely know, on-the-job accidents can occur to anyone, at any time. Recently, one workplace has been the site of two accidents causing work injury within two months of each other. The accidents occurred at Disneyland's Space Mountain, and both involved serious injuries.

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