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Truck driver suffered an injury on the job that killed him

When California residents think of a truck driver dying while working, many people tend to think of a motor vehicle accident. However, other dangers can cause serious injury and even death to truck drivers. Recently a truck driver suffered an injury on the job that killed him. He was not driving at the time -- he was at a loading dock.

Nurse seek regulation to avoid being injured at work

It is no secret that nursing requires a great of physical work. Because of the nature of the job, many nurses, more than most other industries, have to contend with being injured at work. In California and elsewhere, nurses are banning together to help pass regulations that can help them avoid being injured on the job; and therefore losing the ability to do a job they have trained years for and love to do.

Work injury prevention may help California workers

While many accidents and injuries may be unavoidable in the workplace, there are certain things employers and employees can do to minimize the incidents of injuries. Any kind of work injury, minor and major, can alter the workplace and cost employees and employers financially. A work injury can also prevent some from continuing to do a job they may love. A recent article describes some tips to help California employees prevent a work injury that could alter their ability to work or affect their quality of life later on.

California bill may affect workers' compensation for pro athletes

Workers in many types of professions experience some wear and tear on their bodies, which could result in significant injuries and ailments. This can range from carpal tunnel syndrome to serious head injuries and even death. However, professional athletes experience more significant injuries and ailments than most other types of workers. Now, a proposed California bill is threatening to limit the benefits professional athletes will be able to obtain through the California workers' compensation system

California worker injured on the job dies from injuries

Any kind of factory work, especially where large factory equipment is used, can be extremely dangerous for workers. All factories in California have strict regulated safety standards; yet accidents can still happen. Recently, a California worker injured on the job died as a result of his injuries.

Hazmat worker injured at work while collecting waste

Any kind of job involving hazardous waste can carry a great deal of risk and concern for one's health. While the focus at a facility handling hazardous waste may be on safety, workers can certainly get injured at work regardless of the safety precautions they may take. For one California worker, burns inflicted while he was collecting waste have led to serious injuries.

Work injury suffered at Steven Tyler's California home

Construction work at a home can be just as dangerous as any other kind of construction work. A work injury that occurred recently at the California home of rock star Steven Tyler left a man injured as he was doing work on the outside of the residence. Steven Tyler was not at home at the time of the accident.

Repairs in California neighborhood lead to work injury

Any kind of work involving electricity can be especially dangerous and can result in falls, burns or a wide range of injuries. Repairs to active electrical or gas systems can easily lead to accidents which ultimately increases the risks of a work injury for any power company worker on the scene. Recently in California, a Pacific Gas and Electric worker was injured while conducting needed repairs in a San Francisco neighborhood.

California worker suffered an injury on the job after falling

Outdoor construction work in any capacity can carry a lot of risks and workers can easily become injured without warning. Recently, a California worker suffered an injury on the job when he took a steep fall into a hole. The worker needed medical attention after the incident.

After six injured on the job, California facility resumes work

Any time that there is a workplace accident that leaves multiple people injured, an investigation often occurs. Those investigations can take awhile and cause interruptions to facility operations. In the case of one California facility, a workplace fire led to six people being injured on the job and also led to the facility only running at 60 percent while OSHA reviewed the situation.

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