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California worker' compensation issues can be tricky

When a California worker is injured or killed while on the job, state workers' compensation benefits are in place to assist them or their families. In many cases, an employee's entitlement to workers' compensation is clear-cut, and benefits may be received with minimal paperwork and within a relatively fast timeframe. However, there are other instances in which the matter can be very complicated, and where eligibility for these benefits can be called into question.

California restaurant may face workers' compensation charge

Two restaurant owners may be facing possible prison time for their role in trying to defraud the government and avoid protecting their employees. The California Labor Commissioner responded to an anonymous complaint concerning the lack of workers' compensation insurance for employees at the restaurant. By law, the owners must provide the protection for all of their employees or face heavy fines and penalties.

California contractor accused of workers' compensation fraud

A California attorney's office is charging a local contractor with several charges of workers' compensation fraud. The contractor who runs several construction companies, including a pool company, is facing most of the charges and has pleaded not guilty. He purportedly failed to report his pool construction employees on his workers' compensation policies so that he can lower his insurance premiums.

NFL players come to California for workers' compensation

Many NFL players can now take advantage of a loophole in California's workers' compensation law. The NFL has been accused recently of trying to deny benefits to its players, who suffer extremely high rates of injury over the course of their careers. Injured NFL players can now claim workers' compensation in California if they played one game here, even if they have never played for a team in our state.

California freeway worker suffered an injury on the job

A sign on a California highway is pleading for drivers to pray for an injured freeway worker. The man suffered an injury on the job when he was setting out cones to mark an exit ramp on the freeway. A driver hit the man and then drove away. This accident caused serious injury that may result in either coma or paralysis.

California workers can be injured at work by unseen dangers

A recent study has found that offices in California and nationwide can be more dangerous than we realize, both from causes that we can see and those we cannot. Those who work in white-collar office jobs tend to think of their workplaces as predictable and safe. However, there are many common problems in the workplace that could cause someone to be injured at work. Some of the greatest dangers on the job that have been identified include slips, trips and falls.

Joint pain propels the need for California workers' compensation

Joint pain is one of the most frequently claimed disabilities in California workers' compensation claims. A study was done by the California Workers' Compensation Institute that examined the data on work injuries in our state. The study found that joint-related injuries on the job are especially expensive and serious since 40 percent of them result in a permanent condition.

Workers' compensation in the evolving workplace

Workplace safety is a very real issue in today's economy. Most employers make every effort to comply with the laws and regulations regarding safety standards to their benefit and the benefit of their employees. Even so, some employers and subcontractors in California and nationwide have been caught cutting corners in ways that impair the safety of their workers. These factors can lead to workers' compensation cases that have added legal issues that may not be obvious.

California man suffers broken legs in industrial work accident

An industrial accident has resulted in severe injuries to a 19-year-old California worker. According to reports, the work injury occurred when the young man was working at Unico Mechanical Corp., which provides services for heavy industrial machines. It is believed that a three-ton steel beam, being lifted by a chain-and-hook grip, fell and landed on the man's legs.

California custodian files for workers' compensation

A custodian at a California university was involved in an accident at the school that he says still causes him problems. The man was inside of an elevator back in March when it suddenly dropped and knocked him unconscious. He is now seeking workers' compensation for the injuries he sustained in the accident.

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