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California man suffers broken legs in industrial work accident

An industrial accident has resulted in severe injuries to a 19-year-old California worker. According to reports, the work injury occurred when the young man was working at Unico Mechanical Corp., which provides services for heavy industrial machines. It is believed that a three-ton steel beam, being lifted by a chain-and-hook grip, fell and landed on the man's legs.

California custodian files for workers' compensation

A custodian at a California university was involved in an accident at the school that he says still causes him problems. The man was inside of an elevator back in March when it suddenly dropped and knocked him unconscious. He is now seeking workers' compensation for the injuries he sustained in the accident.

California worker dies from forklift accident injuries

Accidents in the workplace can happen so suddenly; even in the midst of performing a general maintenance task. Sometimes they can be fatal accidents. A California man recently sustained a work injury that resulted in his death. The worker was employed at a plastics company and was performing service on a forklift when the work injury occurred. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is now investigating.

Workers' compensation can help surviving California families

When California residents engage in workplace activities as a normal part of their employment, few expect that something so mundane could possibly turn into tragedy. Unfortunately for one 24-year-old ski instructor, however, the woman has lost her life after a ski run which turned fatal. The woman suffered serious injuries to her brain and neck, which resulted in her death just days after the accident. This could lead to her family seeking workers' compensation survivor benefits to help cover costs associated with her death.

2 California highway workers suffered an injury on the job

A total of four people were transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries following a collision on Highway 14 near Sand Canyon Road recently. According to authorities, two California highway workers suffered an injury on the job while the other two individuals treated for injuries were passengers in the van involved in the incident. The accident remains under investigation.

California worker injured in elevator shaft fall

Recently, a California construction worker was injured when he fell approximately 25 feet down an elevator shaft. According to Palo Alto Fire Department officials, the man was working on the second floor of an office building in the Stanford Research Park when he was injured on the job. Authorities responding to the call that morning found that the man had plunged through an opening in an elevator shaft at the work site.

California man suffers work injury, pronounced dead at the scene

Authorities are investigating the recent death of one of the employees of a California seafood company. The ultimate cause of the fatal work injury was still a mystery to investigators at the time of this writing. Officials state a final report is forthcoming. However, they point out the process of determining the details of the incident and the ultimate cause of the unfortunate death of the employee could take months to complete.

California construction workers face constant danger

Working on a California construction site can be a dangerous job. In many cases, the construction workers must work to move heavy objects, which if improperly handled, can result in them falling. This risk has resulted in many a serious injury and sometimes the death of a construction worker.

California workers claim they face high risk of work injury

Many workers across the country are subject to working conditions that can be hazardous to their health. High heat, lack of air circulation, insufficient water and exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals are all issues that employers need to address in order to ensure that their workers are not subject to an increased risk of suffering a work injury. In Southern California, some workers who are employed at a Wal-mart warehouse recently walked out on their jobs to raise awareness for what they allege are dangerous working conditions.

Work injury of California police officer ends in tragedy

Police officers across the state make thousands of routine traffic stops each day. However, every once in a while, these stops can turn into treacherous situations which put the officer at risk of suffering a severe work injury. In a recent tragic case, a California officer was shot and killed while he made a traffic stop along a California roadway.

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