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California fireworks display results in fatal work injury

Fireworks should always be handled with extreme caution. Given the volatile nature of fireworks and their potential to produce damaging explosions, California workers who work with fireworks are required to take the utmost care in preparing these fireworks displays to protect all individuals who will be near the fireworks when they are ignited. Unfortunately, in a recent tragic accident, a young California man suffered a fatal work injury while setting up a fireworks display, and it remains unclear what exactly caused the accident to occur.

California construction workers: how to protect the family

Sadly, during the course of a year, workers are killed in on-the-job accidents in California and across the country. The emotional and financial strain that the families of deceased construction workers must face is often considerable. Fortunately, in those instances when such a tragedy does strike, they may be able receive assistance. This assistance, which normally comes in the form of workers' compensation death benefits, may serve an extremely useful purpose while a family tries to come to terms with the unthinkable events which occurred.

California work injury: truck fire imperils CableCom technician

An electrical explosion has injured one man while he was performing his professional duties as a fiber optic technician. According to California police, they received a call at approximately 4 p.m. reporting that a man had been injured and that a truck had caught fire. Police responded to the report of the work injury and made contact with the man.

Work injury in California popcorn factory worker raises concern

Another study is out regarding workers suffering from respiratory illness and other potential health hazards due to their exposure to certain chemicals in microwave popcorn. These chemicals are often found in the popcorn's butter flavoring. It has been alleged that workers across California and the country are at risk of a work injury as a result of being exposed to these chemicals. However, despite the risks associated with these chemicals, California is one of the few states in the country that has taken any action to reduce the potential harm to workers suffering from prolonged exposure.

Work injury caused by crane should worry California workers

A shifting crane is alleged to be the cause of a recent accident that has sent one man to the hospital. The work injury occurred outside of California, when a man was working near a crane that was located on the back of a flat-bed truck. According to the police, the accident was a result of the crane's arm shifting, which then landed on the man and pinned him against the bed of the truck.

Fatal workplace accident: ladder fall leads to tragedy

Accidents on the job that result in an injury occur on a frequent basis across the country. A fatal work injury, although not as common, still occurs on numerous job sites each year. In a recent out-of-state case, one man died as the result of an accident that occurred while he was on a ladder, a tool that is the cause of many California work accidents.

Amputation work injury after vicious pit bull attack

California readers may have heard about a woman who suffered serious injuries as a result of being attacked by a pit bull while she was working at a veterinary clinic. The work injury was witnessed by two of the animal hospital's employees who came into the kennel area and saw the woman being attacked by the dog. The dog had the woman's arm in its mouth and was shaking her violently.

Article points out alarming work injury rate in California

A recently published article has pointed to some alarming statistics regarding workplace safety for warehouse workers. The article was published by University of California Riverside sociology researchers and focuses on data provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and many other sources. These statistics show that warehouse workers face some of the toughest working conditions of any field in the United States and are subject to a higher work injury rate than many other comparable professions.

California police officer suffers work injury on hiking trail

A police officer was severely hurt recently when he attempted to reach an injured hiker in Northern California's Shasta-Trinity National Forest. According to witnesses and California police officials, the police officer suffered the work injury on July 5. He had been dispatched to rescue a man who had broken his leg while hiking. The hiker had sustained the injury when his dog knocked him down on the trail.

Workers' compensation: woman looses scalp in work injury

A woman is recovering after being seriously injured at her job in an auto parts factory on the night of July 2. She had been working at the factory for just six days and suffered the serious work injury when her hair reportedly became entangled in the machine she was working on. Her hair was pulled into the machine and her scalp was largely ripped from her head.

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