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Workers’ compensation: woman looses scalp in work injury

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2012 | Workplace Accidents |

A woman is recovering after being seriously injured at her job in an auto parts factory on the night of July 2. She had been working at the factory for just six days and suffered the serious work injury when her hair reportedly became entangled in the machine she was working on. Her hair was pulled into the machine and her scalp was largely ripped from her head.

While this workplace accident didn’t occur in California, it easily could have. The conditions in California factories don’t vary that much from other states.

In this case, rescue workers were able to untangle the woman from the machine and transport her to the hospital. The 25-year-old woman underwent surgery and about 75 percent of her scalp was reattached. The other 25 percent was too mangled and could not be saved. As a result, more reconstructive surgery is anticipated.

Officials at the Ohio factory where this happened say they have not completed their investigation into the accident. A company official said that she could not comment on the matter until that investigation has been completed. Meanwhile, Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials in the state have commenced an investigation.

Whether in California or Ohio, such gruesome accidents occur and they can be devastating. Fortunately the victim’s life was spared in this instance. But she certainly remains in pain and may only now be becoming fully aware of the full extent of her injuries. And even with all the anticipated surgeries that she faces, she will never be fully restored to the way she was.

Getting the most of the workers’ compensation benefits she is due is all important for another reason. She didn’t have healthcare coverage. One sure way of getting the fullness of benefits is by working with an experienced attorney.

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