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Workplace injuries: Do you know what to do?

If a California worker is involved in an accident on the job, it sparks a series of events. First and foremost, any employee who suffers workplace injuries will want to seek immediate medical attention. Sadly, many on-the-job accidents result in serious and even fatal injuries. Workers who survive their injuries need to know what to do in order to report an accident and file a claim for benefits, especially if they must take time off work during recovery.

Some workers encounter legal problems in connection with a workplace injury. It is important for workers to know and understand their rights regarding employment laws. For instance, many workers do no realize that it is unlawful for an employer to terminate a person's employment because of a workplace injury.

Workplace injuries? Here's what you need to know

If you're like many California workers, you may have signed a bunch of stuff when you were hired, but didn't necessarily pay attention to the fine print on some of the documents. Especially regarding workplace injuries, it is not uncommon for a worker to suffer an injury on the job, but not really know what to do in the aftermath of a workplace accident. The workers' compensation program protects injured workers, but the system can be difficult to navigate.

A main concern of many workers is whether they will lose their jobs because of their injuries. While employers reserve the right to terminate a worker at any time, there are laws in place that protect unlawful termination due to a work-related injury. An employee concerned about such issues can discuss his or her case with an experienced employment law attorney.

Fatal workplace accident halts California stadium construction

For many people in the United States, the start of football season is anticipated from the time the last season ends. However, there are a vast number of workers required to ensure that the season can start, including construction workers who work to provide adequate facilities available for teams to play. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a man was recently killed in a California workplace accident related to the construction of a football stadium.

Most people are accustomed to the presence of construction sites. However, many are unaware of the variety of different hazards -- including risks related to falls and injuries caused by heavy machinery and falling objects -- that workers face as they complete their work responsibilities. The recent death of a man in his 30s underscores these hazards.

Fatal workplace accident shuts down California construction site

Construction is one way to make improvements to a business or organization, allowing it to expand or just better meet the needs of existing clients. Unfortunately, there are inherent dangers associated with construction projects even with a variety of safety regulations in place. In fact, a man was recently killed in a workplace accident in California.

The accident happened at an international airport at approximately 6 a.m. Construction workers were completing work on a project called the Automated People Mover, a new train system for the airport. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a rebar column collapsed. 

After a fall, a skull fracture could leave you hospitalized

Imagine you were working on a ladder, and you had a coworker stationed at the bottom to make sure it was stable. They said something to you, so you turned slightly to look down at them and see what they needed. The next thing you knew, you were falling two stories to the ground. You were seriously hurt, cracking your skull on pavement. Today, you have a skull fracture and serious complications as a result.

Construction worker accident involving dump truck proves fatal

A worker dying while on the job is, thankfully, a rare event, but when it happens, the tragedy has multiple levels. There is the loss of human life and what it means emotionally for the loved ones of that worker, but there is also a practical standpoint to consider, since the family of that worker may have relied on that person's income, which is now gone. This is one of the reasons that workers' compensation exists for employees here in California and across the nation. One recent construction worker accident in another state may result in workers' comp claims after one man died and another was seriously injured.

The accident happened on a recent weekday morning at an excavation business. Two workers intended to perform maintenance on a dump truck. The men had to get underneath the bed of the truck and an excavator was used to lift the bed. The excavator failed and fell onto the two workers, trapping them. One of them did not survive and the other was left with serious injuries.

Fatal construction accident linked to contractor negligence

Construction workers in California do important and often dangerous work. It is imperative that they are protected when they're on the job. Most companies see to that by making sure their workers are properly trained, have safety equipment and a safe work site. Unfortunately, not every company is always so scrupulous. One recent construction accident out of state resulted in the death of a worker and officials are pointing to the company involved for responsibility.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which often looks into accidents that happen while on the job, has decided to fine two different contractors for the roles they played in an accident on a construction site. One of the companies is facing two separate fines that total over $188,000 in connection with two different accidents at the same construction site. OSHA reports that one worker died and another was seriously injured after a concrete beam hit an aerial lift. Another worker was injured earlier in the month when he was hit by a metal pipe.

You don't lose your rights because of workplace injuries

It may feel as though employers have all the power, but workers in California have rights that must be respected and upheld. Understanding your rights regarding workplace injuries is often key to securing the help and benefits you need after an accident. If you do not know what your rights are, it might be more difficult to secure workers' compensation benefits.

If you are not sure where to start with getting your benefits, you are definitely not alone. Employers are not always forthcoming with important information and California laws are confusing. Firstly, you should know that your boss cannot fire you for an on-the-job injury. Knowing that your job will still be waiting for you during your recovery can help provide peace of mind in a difficult situation.

Fatal workplace accident remains under investigation

Because of the risks that all workers in California and across the country face, there are a variety of different safety measures in place. Additionally, many employees have access to safety equipment that will further help protect them while they complete their job-related tasks. Unfortunately, even these measures can not completely eradicate the possibility of a workplace accident.

In fact, a man in another state recently lost his life in a workplace accident that happened at an industrial site. According to reports, rescue workers were called to a Tyson Fresh Meats facility at approximately 5:30 a.m. on a day in late March. Reports indicate that the man was performing maintenance on an assembly line at the time of the accident.

Tow truck driver suffers workplace injuries in accident

For most people in California and across the country, being involved in a car accident -- especially one on a busy interstate -- is a stressful time, but it can be equally stressful for those responding to the accident. Often, those who respond to the accident, including police officers and tow truck drivers, are putting their lives at risk to help. Even though many states have laws in place requiring drivers to change lanes in response to flashing lights, some drivers do not do so, sometimes causing accidents that result in workplace injuries for those working on the side of the road.

In fact, a 31-year-old tow-truck driver in another state now faces a lengthy recovery following an accident on an interstate. Reports indicate that the cause of the accident is related to a driver who failed to move over in response to rescue workers. The incident happened on a day in March as a law enforcement and the tow-truck driver responded to an unrelated accident.

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