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Man suffers workplace injuries at YEEZY

Kayne West has ventured into more than rapping and music in the last few years. One of Kayne's ventures has involved a collaboration with Adidas for an apparel line called YEEZY. Reportedly, the brand is set to expand with more offices around the country, but the company's plans may be stalled. Recently, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health launched an investigation into some workplace injuries that an employee suffered while at YEEZY.

Details of how the injury occurred are unknown, but it is known that a large 3D printer fell onto an employee. The printer was large enough to trap the employee under its weight and could only be removed by the effort of several employees. Once the printer was removed, the employee's injury was determined to be serious by paramedics, and he was airlifted to a medical center.

Cal-OHSA investigates Tesla for workplace injuries

It is not surprising that a vehicle requires a large production facility and assembly line considering the size of most vehicles that travel the roadways. With large equipment and extensive production, precautions must be taken at all times to ensure safety of all in a plant. Recently, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health opened up two investigations at Tesla involving workplace injuries.

The first investigation was announced due to rumors involving Tesla's reporting of injuries that occurred in the production plant. Allegedly, in order to keep a good safety record, injuries were being mislabeled or not reported at all. Tesla has denied the accusation and the investigation is pending.

Construction workers' accidents: Roofer suffers fatal injury

There are many jobs in California and the United States that require workers to be in a position where there is a risk for falls. For example, construction workers often have to climb ladders and work in precarious situations. There are usually safety measures in place that aim to prevent construction workers' accidents. Sadly, one roofer recently suffered a fatal fall and left behind a young son.

The 38-year-old worker was a member of a roofing crew and company when he suffered his fatal injuries. While climbing a ladder, he slipped and fell. He suffered serious head injuries and did not survive, despite several days of medical treatment.

There are 8 common workplace injuries

In order to help employers in California and others across the United States understand common on-the-job injuries, the Bureau of Labor Statistics examined data across the country of injuries suffered by full-time workers. Although most workplace injuries that make the news are often ones that result in serious injuries or tragic deaths of workers, most injuries are less severe but still can have an impact on work load and usually require the use of workers' compensation insurance benefits. The data revealed that most injuries occur in the course of everyday events such as overexertion, falls, slips and trips.

Although most injuries are less significant than many that make the news, the average number of missed days of work is nine. Not only will missed work affect productivity in the workplace, but some employees may experience a loss of income due to a work injury. Any workplace injury can be costly to both an employer and employee.

Industrial workers' accidents: Employee suffered amputation

Large industrial materials require enormous machinery for production, and unfortunately, the large equipment may contain significant risks for employees. When operating any large equipment, employees must be vigilant to avoid accidents and injuries. Despite training and safety measures that should be in place, tragic industrial workers' accidents occur. A foundry in southern California was recently fined for multiple safety violations that were discovered after a worker suffered permanent injury.

Large machines are often required for the job of casting metal. Reportedly, two employees entered a large 38-foot auger to clean it. For unknown reasons, the employees did not ensure that the machine was disconnected from its power supply prior to the cleaning. Another employee, who was approximately 45 feet away, turned the machine on, unaware of the cleaning that was underway.

Preventing amputations: 3 tips for any workplace

Amputations are some of the most dangerous types of injuries. Amputations happen when a person's body part gets in the way during the operation of machinery. If not properly guarded, it's possible for heavy machinery to lacerate the skin, muscle and bones, leaving little option but to amputate if the limb hasn't already been severed.

The good news about workplace injuries like these is that they are preventable in most cases. Keeping employees safe is a goal for any company, and doing so does help prevent serious injuries.

Construction workers' accidents: Man injured on rail line

Many people in California are likely aware of the massive construction project occurring to build tracks for the new high-speed train. While the project is moving forward, it has not progressed without construction workers' accidents. Recently, a worker was seriously injured while completing work on one of the work sites near the San Joaquin River.

A 48-year-old man was employed by a subcontractor working on the new high-speed rail line when he was involved in an unfortunate accident. Other workers report witnessing a large steel rebar structure fall on top of the worker. Reportedly, witnesses attempted to warn other workers in the path of the structure of the impending danger. It is suspected that the device that held the structure in place either malfunctioned or broke.

Industrial workers' accidents: Man may have been electrocuted

All workers face some risks any time they step into a place of employment, but certainly, some jobs contain more risk than others. Since the beginning of the industrial era, factories and industrial plants have been known to contain significant risks to employees. Over the years, industrial work environments in California and across the United States have become safer with regulations and instituted safety measures. Sadly, industrial workers' accidents still occur. Recently, one accident in another state resulted in a man's death while he was on shift at his place of employment.

The unidentified man is believed to have been electrocuted on a recent early morning while working. The man was employed by an industrial plant that manufactures chemicals for other plants through the use of furnaces. Despite emergency workers being called to the scene, and desperate measures such as CPR attempted, the employee did not survive. Sadly, he is not the first employee death that the company has suffered in recent years.

Construction workers' accidents: 4 workers injured

Safety education and standards have been improved over the years as industries continue to grow to promote the safety of all employees. Despite improvements, construction workers' accidents still occur and may result in serious injury and/or death. Unfortunately, necessary medical treatment for any injuries can result in unexpected medical expenses. One recent accident in California is currently under investigation after four construction workers were injured on the job site.

The four workers were completing construction on an apartment building. They were all four on a 16-foot-high scaffolding platform as they installed drywall. At some point, the scaffolding collapsed, injuring all four workers.

Workplace injuries: Man dies from stunt on TV show

It takes an army of actors, producers, writers and crew members to make a successful movie or television show. Stuntmen or stuntwomen are often part of the crew, depending on the needs of the production. Although stunts involve taking risks, when executed in a safe manner, injuries can be minimal. As with any other industry, workplace injuries can occur, especially if safety measures are neglected. People in California may be interested to learn that one woman in another state is claiming that a production company could be legally responsible for her son's death.

The woman's son was a 33-year-old man who specialized in stunts involving falls. At the time of his death, he was employed by AMC's "The Walking Dead." During a rehearsal, the man fell 20 feet onto concrete. The man suffered fatal brain injuries and died before the end of the day.

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