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Workplace injuries: Man claims unfair treatment after injury

Suffering from an injury obtained on a job site is often difficult. In addition to the pain and injuries that require medical treatment, injured workers may worry about the cost of medical treatment in addition to missed time at work. Most California employers provide workers' compensation insurance benefits for workplace injuries to help workers heal and return to work. One worker in another state has claimed his injury has resulted in unfair treatment following his return from his healed injury.

According to the lawsuit, the employee suffered a fall down some stairs while working as a train conductor. According to the man, the fall was a result of a trip. Reportedly, the injury was documented and medically treated.

Employer negligence can lead to electrical injuries on the job

A lot of people understand that there is a risk of electrical shock that construction workers face every day on the job. These people would find it surprising that electrocution remains one of the bigger risks faced by employees outside of the construction sector as well. Electricity can pose a risk in any workplace.

Chances are good that you have to interact with electronic equipment throughout the day. Overall, you may be surprised at how many different potential risk factors for electrocution you face each day on your job.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by falling beam

Some workplace accidents are not preventable. Outside forces such as weather can contribute to an accident despite all precautions to prevent one. On the other hand, many accidents are preventable as long as codes followed and safety measures are taken. Sadly, a California worker became another victim of one of the many construction workers' accidents that occur throughout the state.

The 51-year-old worker was employed by a subcontractor that was hired to complete work on the Twin Peaks Tunnel in San Francisco. The tunnel is 100 years old and houses a path for the San Francisco Municipal Railways between two train stations. Work was being completed to add tracks and to repair ceilings, walls and the drainage system. During the work, a steel beam became loose and struck the worker.

Workers' compensation: Judge rules in favor of police officer

Most people are aware that filing any type of insurance claim can be a chore. In addition, insurance is not always willing to approve some claims, making it a frustrating system. Employees who file a workers' compensation claim for an on-the-job injury may find it helpful to know that there are California attorneys who are familiar with handling claims in the complex system. One man's case is an example of how some cases may benefit from the intervention of an attorney.

The man was injured as an on-duty police officer while trying to detain a teenager. Following evaluation of his injury, his physicians suggested a spinal surgery as part of his treatment for the injury, and the officer filed a workers' compensation claim. The claim was denied.

Construction workers' accidents: Man crushed by forklift

Construction equipment is amazing, and the workers behind the equipment are incredibly skilled to build massive structures, roads, tunnels and more.  Historically, it is not uncommon for workers to become injured or die while trying to complete the work on a construction site. Sometimes, equipment is unstable, and there are risks that workers must take. In the present, most employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance when construction workers' accidents occur. Sadly, one California family may need to file a claim for death benefits after the loss of their loved one.

The family of a 20-year-old construction worker was recently notified of his death. He was hired to complete work on the I-10 freeway that is adding a carpool lane in both directions. It has not been determined if the worker was an employee of Caltrans or if he was an employee of a subcontractor company. 

Construction workers' accidents: Company fined thousands

There are multiple safety checks required when working with large construction equipment. Unfortunately, safety devices and protocols only promote the safety of workers when used and enforced by employers. A failure of effective training of employees on how to maintain safety can result in serious construction workers' accidents. One employer has recently been cited over $200,000 in fines in relation to a fatal accident in California earlier this year.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently reported the findings of its investigation into a fatal accident. Earlier this year, a worker suffered serious injuries while operating a forklift. While driving it to a transit shed, he collided with a concrete pillar and was thrown from the machine. He became trapped between the pillar and the forklift and later died from his injuries.

Construction workers' accidents: Young worker hit by semi

Construction workers who complete work on open roadways and freeways put their lives at risk every day while on the job. It only takes a small distraction for a driver to accidentally drift into a construction zone where workers have no protection from an oncoming car. Families who have lost loved ones in fatal construction workers' accidents may be curious how to handle the sudden financial impact of the loss. Sadly, one family in California is processing the cost of burial following the death of a construction worker.

The 33-year-old man was the youngest son of a mother who had seven children. Sadly, he is survived by his newlywed wife. It has been less than a year since he was married.

Workers' compensation: Plumber killed by freak accident

It is hard to imagine that working as a plumber could result in an individual's death, but the reality is that any job can result in a fatality. When a death occurs on a job site, a workers' compensation program in the state of California may be a benefit to a deceased worker's family. Unfortunately, during a period of grief, a family may not want to handle the hassle of the complicated program, but there are attorneys who have the knowledge to assist with claims. Sadly, a family is grieving the loss of a city plumber after an unusual accident resulted in her death.

The 34-year-old city employee was completing work on a street when an accident occurred, resulting in her death. As she and her co-workers completed their work, a private tow truck operator began loading a vehicle onto the flatbed of his truck. At some point in the process, the vehicle became unhooked.

Recovering from explosions: A difficult recovery

When at a workplace that handles explosives or explosive materials, there is always a risk that there will be a fire and explosion. Even if an employer takes steps to reduce the risk to employees, that hazard is ever-present.

In the event that an explosion does take place in the workplace, employees have a long road of recovery ahead of them. There are mental and physical injuries that impact survivors, both of which have to be addressed to help the individual recover.

Tesla accused of underreporting multiple workplace injuries

Federal and California mandates require companies to report injuries sustained at work. Injuries that are required to be reported are typically ones that require a worker to miss work for any amount of time, but ones that require simple first aid are not mandated to be reported. Recently, Tesla has been reported and investigated for underreporting multiple workplace injuries of its employees.

Tesla has been reported as having left off at least 13 mandated work injuries in 2017. Many of the injuries were added to their report following an investigation of another unreported injury of a worker. The company, like all others, is mandated to report certain injuries within seven days of their occurrence. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, underreporting is common and can prevent best practices to prevent future injuries.

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