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Workplace accidents: Rehabilitation is always a goal

When a California worker suffers an on-the-job injury, there is no way to predict how much time will be needed for a full recovery. Workplace accidents can cause partial or full permanent disability, which means that, in some cases, an injured employee may never be able to go back to work. Thankfully, that is not the way it happened for a young police officer in another state. 

The police officer was a rookie at the time a tragedy occurred on the job. He was responding to a motor vehicle collision. While carrying out his duties, the officer said that one minute he was assessing the scene, and the next, a car crashed into one of the police officers' motorcycles, which then catapulted toward him. 

Workplace accidents: Tragedy in another state involving fatality

When a California worker carries out his or her duties, he or she can reasonably expect that the employer in question has provided all necessary information, training and equipment to help lower the risk of injury on the job. When workplace accidents occur, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) often opens an investigation. This is especially true if a particular accident results in a fatality.

In another state, an industrial accident took the life of an employee. The details of the accident were not disclosed, but the 18-year-old was working at a packaging center that provides distribution services to manufacturers. Rescue workers were dispatched; however, the worker had already expired by the time they reached the scene.

Working in agriculture is dangerous: Here's what to know

Working in agriculture, there are a few things that you should be aware of. You are exposed to many kinds of hazards each day, which means that good training is essential. Your employer is responsible for providing training and information on the hazards that you may be exposed to in the workplace.

There are several common kinds of injuries often seen in agricultural workplaces. These may include:

  • Falls
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Animal-related injuries
  • Limb amputation or crushing from large machinery
  • Overturn accidents

Workplace injuries are not always immediately apparent

If you work in a California industry that is known to be dangerous, such as construction, agriculture or commercial fishing, you are at risk for injury on the job. However, even if you work behind a desk in an office, it does not necessarily mean you will never suffer workplace injuries. In fact, many workers suffer debilitating pain that prevents them from returning to work because of issues such as repetitive strain injury (RSI). 

Do you know what to do if you're involved in an on-the-job accident or develop an RSI over time? Most workers are aware that workers' compensation insurance exists, but they aren't sure of the proper steps to take to file a claim if they suffer workplace injuries. Whether you suffer an injury when a heavy object falls on you, a collision occurs or you start having pain and inflammation in your extremities after 10 years on the job, the most important immediate concern is to seek medical attention.

Construction workers' accidents often cuased by these issues

Every California worker is at risk for injury on the job. Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others. Construction workers' accidents typically occur more often than accidents in most other industries. In fact, construction ranks high on most lists for the most dangerous jobs in the United States. 

Issues that often lead to workplace injuries for construction workers include ladders and scaffolds, as well as sitting up high to operate machinery such as a crane operator might do. Workers in these types of situations may suffer falls from significant heights, resulting in serious injuries. Sadly, many workers who fall from up high do not survive.

Workplace accidents: Risk is high in the construction industry

California construction workers often suffer injuries on the job. Construction work is typically at the top of most lists regarding which jobs are the most dangerous. When workplace accidents occur, it often sparks a series of events that hopefully includes helping injured workers seek medical attention, as well as reporting their injuries to their employers and filing workers' compensation claims.

recent accident occurred when a work crew in another state was loading heavy sheets of metal onto a truck. The sheet pilings were being used in a bridge renovation project. At approximately 9:30 a.m., a pile of the metal sheets fell from the truck. One of the workers became pinned underneath.

Workplace injuries: Do you know what to do?

If a California worker is involved in an accident on the job, it sparks a series of events. First and foremost, any employee who suffers workplace injuries will want to seek immediate medical attention. Sadly, many on-the-job accidents result in serious and even fatal injuries. Workers who survive their injuries need to know what to do in order to report an accident and file a claim for benefits, especially if they must take time off work during recovery.

Some workers encounter legal problems in connection with a workplace injury. It is important for workers to know and understand their rights regarding employment laws. For instance, many workers do no realize that it is unlawful for an employer to terminate a person's employment because of a workplace injury.

Workplace injuries? Here's what you need to know

If you're like many California workers, you may have signed a bunch of stuff when you were hired, but didn't necessarily pay attention to the fine print on some of the documents. Especially regarding workplace injuries, it is not uncommon for a worker to suffer an injury on the job, but not really know what to do in the aftermath of a workplace accident. The workers' compensation program protects injured workers, but the system can be difficult to navigate.

A main concern of many workers is whether they will lose their jobs because of their injuries. While employers reserve the right to terminate a worker at any time, there are laws in place that protect unlawful termination due to a work-related injury. An employee concerned about such issues can discuss his or her case with an experienced employment law attorney.

Fatal workplace accident halts California stadium construction

For many people in the United States, the start of football season is anticipated from the time the last season ends. However, there are a vast number of workers required to ensure that the season can start, including construction workers who work to provide adequate facilities available for teams to play. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a man was recently killed in a California workplace accident related to the construction of a football stadium.

Most people are accustomed to the presence of construction sites. However, many are unaware of the variety of different hazards -- including risks related to falls and injuries caused by heavy machinery and falling objects -- that workers face as they complete their work responsibilities. The recent death of a man in his 30s underscores these hazards.

Fatal workplace accident shuts down California construction site

Construction is one way to make improvements to a business or organization, allowing it to expand or just better meet the needs of existing clients. Unfortunately, there are inherent dangers associated with construction projects even with a variety of safety regulations in place. In fact, a man was recently killed in a workplace accident in California.

The accident happened at an international airport at approximately 6 a.m. Construction workers were completing work on a project called the Automated People Mover, a new train system for the airport. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a rebar column collapsed. 

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