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Preventing amputations: 3 tips for any workplace

Amputations are some of the most dangerous types of injuries. Amputations happen when a person's body part gets in the way during the operation of machinery. If not properly guarded, it's possible for heavy machinery to lacerate the skin, muscle and bones, leaving little option but to amputate if the limb hasn't already been severed.

The good news about workplace injuries like these is that they are preventable in most cases. Keeping employees safe is a goal for any company, and doing so does help prevent serious injuries.

Construction workers' accidents: Man injured on rail line

Many people in California are likely aware of the massive construction project occurring to build tracks for the new high-speed train. While the project is moving forward, it has not progressed without construction workers' accidents. Recently, a worker was seriously injured while completing work on one of the work sites near the San Joaquin River.

A 48-year-old man was employed by a subcontractor working on the new high-speed rail line when he was involved in an unfortunate accident. Other workers report witnessing a large steel rebar structure fall on top of the worker. Reportedly, witnesses attempted to warn other workers in the path of the structure of the impending danger. It is suspected that the device that held the structure in place either malfunctioned or broke.

Industrial workers' accidents: Man may have been electrocuted

All workers face some risks any time they step into a place of employment, but certainly, some jobs contain more risk than others. Since the beginning of the industrial era, factories and industrial plants have been known to contain significant risks to employees. Over the years, industrial work environments in California and across the United States have become safer with regulations and instituted safety measures. Sadly, industrial workers' accidents still occur. Recently, one accident in another state resulted in a man's death while he was on shift at his place of employment.

The unidentified man is believed to have been electrocuted on a recent early morning while working. The man was employed by an industrial plant that manufactures chemicals for other plants through the use of furnaces. Despite emergency workers being called to the scene, and desperate measures such as CPR attempted, the employee did not survive. Sadly, he is not the first employee death that the company has suffered in recent years.

Construction workers' accidents: 4 workers injured

Safety education and standards have been improved over the years as industries continue to grow to promote the safety of all employees. Despite improvements, construction workers' accidents still occur and may result in serious injury and/or death. Unfortunately, necessary medical treatment for any injuries can result in unexpected medical expenses. One recent accident in California is currently under investigation after four construction workers were injured on the job site.

The four workers were completing construction on an apartment building. They were all four on a 16-foot-high scaffolding platform as they installed drywall. At some point, the scaffolding collapsed, injuring all four workers.

Workplace injuries: Man dies from stunt on TV show

It takes an army of actors, producers, writers and crew members to make a successful movie or television show. Stuntmen or stuntwomen are often part of the crew, depending on the needs of the production. Although stunts involve taking risks, when executed in a safe manner, injuries can be minimal. As with any other industry, workplace injuries can occur, especially if safety measures are neglected. People in California may be interested to learn that one woman in another state is claiming that a production company could be legally responsible for her son's death.

The woman's son was a 33-year-old man who specialized in stunts involving falls. At the time of his death, he was employed by AMC's "The Walking Dead." During a rehearsal, the man fell 20 feet onto concrete. The man suffered fatal brain injuries and died before the end of the day.

Industrial workers' accidents: Firefighter burned by chemicals

Some employees in California place their lives in danger on a routine basis as part of the job duties. Rescue workers, police officers and firefighters are just a few occupations that may pose a greater risk than the average job. Sadly, a beloved and long-time firefighter lost his life in an unfortunate industrial accident. Industrial workers' accidents can result in serious injury and death, as this firefighter experienced.

The 39-year-old firefighter served as a battalion chief/training officer for his local community for numerous years. Currently, he was a paid captain for the county fire department, but he also spent much time over the years volunteering his skills as a firefighter. An industrial accident at a local plant resulted in the man receiving serious chemical burns and injuries. State regulatory agencies are investigating the accident.

Construction workers' accidents: Death results in fines from OHSA

An investigation of a recent tragedy has been underway at a construction site in California. As it does with many construction workers' accidents, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has conducted its own investigation. After their findings, they have issued fines of $27,000 to the two companies involved in the accident.

The injured 56-year-old man was employed by one of the construction companies and was working in an area that was coordinated with a subcontracting company. The subcontracting company was responsible for drill rigging operations. At some point, a valve ruptured in a large pipe, and a significant volume of debris exploded. No one witnessed the employee's injuries, as the other employee in the area had turned away to use the restroom. The injured worker was found on the ground with a large chest wound.

Workplace accidents: Tollbooth worker killed by driver

Most would not imagine learning tragic news of a loved one within minutes of them beginning work at a place of employment. Sadly, for one man and his daughter, it is a reality. Within minutes of beginning her shift, the man's wife was involved in one of California's recent fatal workplace accidents.

The woman had been employed by Caltrans for over a decade as a toll booth worker. As a favor to a sick co-worker, the woman agreed to work an extra shift. In addition to working the extra shift, she showed up half an hour early. The accident occurred within minutes of the start of her shift. A man driving a white van crashed into her booth, resulting in fatal injuries.

Nursing: A dangerous job with painful consequences

You spend your days with patients who need your care and guidance. You're there when they need fluids, to eat or to get out of bed. You give them medications and make sure they're safely in bed for the night.

As a nurse, your job almost never ends. That makes it stressful and more likely that you'll get hurt on the job. In America, nursing is one of the most dangerous jobs due to the strain it places on workers.

Construction workers' accidents: Injuries on rail line project

Large and new construction projects require a significant amount of skilled workers. Some projects, such as the new High-Speed Rail in California, often require unusual and large-scale work. Despite best efforts to prevent them, construction workers' accidents are unfortunately bound to occur. Two workers recently suffered injuries while working on the rail project.

The accident occurred on the part of the rail line being completed near Highway 99 and a sheriff's shooting range in Fresno County. For unknown reasons, a large rebar column collapsed and injured two workers early one afternoon. Several emergency units were dispatched and reported to the scene of the accident. Both workers required medical care and were transported by ambulance. Work on the project was immediately placed on hold.

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