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UPS driver suffers serious workplace injuries in crash

When most people in California think of a workplace, they likely think of a stationary building that a person reports to everyday and, for the most part, remains there until it's time to go home. However, for some employees -- such as mail and package deliverers -- the workplace in which they spend the most time is a vehicle. Unfortunately, those who spend a great deal of time driving as part of their job responsibilities can experience workplace injuries if they are involved in a traffic accident.

In fact, reports indicate that a UPS driver in another state was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. While many of the details of the incident are unclear, it reportedly happened during the evening hours of a day in August. The driver was reportedly trapped in the UPS truck following the single vehicle accident. 

Falls at construction sites are usually preventable

Construction is a dangerous job, but employer policies and unsafe working conditions can increase the risk that workers face. The single biggest risk to construction workers in terms of fatal workplace accidents is the risk of a fall. It makes sense, given that workers are often out on the sides of buildings or on the roof of a structure not yet enclosed. Workers can also fall while working on or installing elevator shafts.

Unlike some other kinds of workplace accidents, which are usually the result of a confluence of difficult circumstances, falls are typically preventable and predictable accidents. Workers with proper training and safety equipment can avoid most falls, and employers who take proactive steps to ensure worker safety can reduce the risk of their staff falling on the job.

Man's death believed to be result of workplace accident

Depending on what type of job a person in California has, he or she may perform the same tasks repeatedly throughout the workday. Despite the repetition of these tasks, those that involve the use of heavy machinery, for example, hold the risk of injury. In fact, the recent death of a man in another state is believed to have been the result of a workplace accident.

According to reports, police officers were called to the scene during the afternoon hours of a day in August. Reports indicate that someone working at a business next to the one that employed the victim discovered the man. The 30-year-old victim was reportedly pinned between a front-end loader and a vehicle.

California tree trimmer suffers fatal workplace injuries in fall

While all occupations hold some degree of risk of injury, certain jobs hold an even greater risk. For example, those who are required to work at great heights or with machinery could suffer serious injuries if involved in an accident. For example, a tree trimmer in California recently suffered fatal workplace injuries while completing work-related tasks.

The incident that resulted in the 39-year-old man's death reportedly happened one afternoon on a day in late July. According to reports, he was working with a co-worker when he fell over 50 feet. Two off-duty nurses who were passing by stopped to render aid.

Do suicide rates increase after workplace injuries?

When an employee suffers an injury on the job, many may think that what follows will be simple. If it were simple, employees would be treated and would receive fair compensation from their employer's workers' compensation insurance that is managed by the state of California. Not only are claims often difficult to file for workplace injuries, but new studies show that injuries may have damaging psychological effects on a worker's life. 

Researching the effects of injuries that result in missed work is not new. Previous research presented data that individuals who missed a week or more of work showed increased rates of depression. Indeed, employees were frequently treated with opioids and suffered long-term earnings losses. The results of that study led researchers to explore the rates of suicide among the same group of workers. 

Construction workers' accidents: Caltrans settles for millions

Caltrans recently agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement with a California man.  The settlement was due to a horrific accident that the young man suffered nearly eight years ago. Construction workers' accidents like his can drastically change an individual's quality of life. 

The man was part of a construction project that occurred alongside a California highway. He worked for a company hired by Caltrans to complete some wiring. At some point, a motorist left the roadway and drove into the construction zone. The worker was struck and seriously injured by the motorist. 

Construction workers' accidents: Man struck by nail gun and dies

A well-loved California man had recently secured his green card when he experienced a sudden fatal accident at his job. Sadly, construction workers' accidents like his are bound to happen when people work in unsafe environments. In cases like his, grieving families are often left to adjust their lives and finances without their loved one.

According to a Cal-OHSA report, the man was measuring a staircase in a building under construction when his accident occurred. Someone working three flights above him dropped a nail gun. The nail gun hit the 38-year-old worker in the head, resulting in the man losing balance and falling another 10 flights to the concrete floor below. Workers witnessed the man convulsing and seizing from the serious head injury he suffered from the fall.

Too many construction workers' accidents involve unsafe trenches

Lives are lost on job sites across California every day. Safety authorities maintain that most construction workers' accidents are preventable -- all it takes is compliance with prescribed safety standards. To create awareness and promote compliance, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, along with other organizations, dedicate one week to safe trenching in June each year.

Because the primary hazard when it comes to trenches is collapsing walls, workers must never enter unprotected trenches. A competent person must analyze the soil type, possible water accumulation, air quality, and other aspects before ordering the applicable protection method. Sloping the embankment of the excavation is the most straightforward protection method, but only if the soil is suitable.

Know what to do as a victim of a workplace car crash

You drive for work every day, and it's hard to imagine that your job could be any more dangerous than anything else you do. In fact, there's a lot of freedom in being a driver in Modesto, since you can stop when you need to and take a break.

Unfortunately, drivers are at risk of being involved in crashes that can result in injuries. Whether those injuries are minor or severe, they are sure to put a damper on your day.

Industrial workers' accidents: Employee trapped in machinery

All workplaces are required to enforce safety measures for employees, but some workplaces are required to have more than others because of the type of work involved. Industries operating with large machinery are required to provide a safe work environment and enforce various policies; otherwise, serious industrial workers' accidents can occur. Currently, Cal-OHSA is investigating the safety policies and procedures at a California steel processing plant following the tragic death of an employee.

Reportedly, the accident occurred at the plant on the night shift. Emergency workers were called to the plant around 3:30 in the morning. The employee was working with a belt and a mandrel at the time of the accident. A mandrel is a cylindrical object used to shape other things. Somehow, the employee became trapped between the belt and the mandrel.

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