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Woman says workplace injuries continue to cause her pain

The internet has changed the way many people shop and obtain goods. In the process, retailers like Amazon have grown and thrived. In order to deliver goods on a quick schedule as promised to buyers, Amazon has workers and distribution centers all over the country. Some workers are claiming that the work environment is not always safe, and sometimes, quick delivery to buyers is prioritized over worker safety. One young California woman claims she is a victim of workplace injuries, and the injuries continue to affect her daily life.

The 27-year-old worker took a job at Amazon while attending college. She was not new to retail and warehouse work, and she felt the distribution center job was a good fit while completing her degree. The woman was required to hunt down products to be shipped, and lift and place them on conveyor belts. She reports that she lifted as many as 100 items an hour up to 29 pounds.

Construction workers' accidents: Teenager run over by forkift

Several California construction workers recently witnessed a tragic and horrific accident of another co-worker while completing construction on an apartment building. Sadly, it is a reminder that construction workers' accidents are not uncommon and can result in fatal injuries for workers. State laws require most employers to provide workers' compensation insurance for all types of construction workers' accidents, including fatal ones. Employees may be interested in the details of the recent construction accident that took the life of a teenage employee.

Construction was being completed on a future apartment complex when the accident occurred. A 19-year-old employee was providing guidance to a driver of a large forklift. The forklift was carrying a wide, heavy load of roof trusses as it backed up. The forklift driver reported losing sight of the teenage employee and backed into him.

Even office injuries can be serious

You work in an office, so you don't typically worry about getting hurt on the job. Unfortunately, the last few days proved you wrong. First, a coworker tripped on edging as she walked into the room and ended up in the hospital for stitches to her forehead. Now, you wound up falling on the same area. Unlike your coworker, you didn't hit your head, but you did break your wrist when you tried to catch yourself.

Uneven or unsafe flooring is dangerous. It can be hard to notice, especially if the reason the area is unsafe is due to flooring that shifts or moves only when you step on it. There are many situations in which uneven or sloping floors, slick flooring and damage can lead to injuries.

Industrial workers' accidents: Man dies at refrigerator company

Union representatives for manufacture workers report that it is a dangerous industry. The large equipment and chemicals required to complete necessary tasks are likely just some of the dangers that face workers on a routine basis. Industrial workers' accidents are not uncommon in California and across the United States, resulting in minor and serious injuries. California workers may be sad to learn of one man's fatal injuries that occurred at a manufacturing facility for General Electric refrigerators.

The injured victim was no stranger to the manufacturing industry. Reportedly, the man was a well-liked employee of the factory that employed him for 24 years. Many of the details of the accident are under investigation, but the company reports that the victim became trapped by a machine that installs foam in refrigerators.

Preventing workplace accidents involving tractors

There are many types of farms in California, and many of them employ the use of tractors in various ways. Due to the large agricultural industry in the state, tractor safety should be high on employers' lists of priorities for the men and women who work there. Failure to have standards in place can lead to preventable and devastating workplace accidents involving tractors. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released a guide for farm workers and employers to help people who work with and near tractors safely. According to OSHA, there are about 130 fatal tractor accidents every year. One of the most significant ways employers can protect their workers is to add a cage frame or roll bar on every tractor they use.

Fatal workplace injuries from malfunctioning wind machine

A California family is grieving the loss of a loved one after a fatal accident on a citrus farm. The Wonderful Citrus orchard, located in Tulare County, employs the use of wind machines to bring in warmer air into their facilities on nights when the temperatures drop. In a seemingly random incident, a 600-pound blade came off one of these huge machines, striking the worker and leaving him with serious workplace injuries that eventually resulted in his death. 

The worker was attempting to turn off the machine at the time the accident happened. According to the brother of the deceased, the machine vibrated strongly, then a blade came loose. The worker tried to avoid being struck, but he was hit with significant force. Others found him conscious on the ground after the accident, and it appeared he had no external injuries. He later died from blunt force trauma.

Workplace injuries and the threat of lead exposure at work

There are many things that can compromise the health and safety of California workers. From hazards that increase the chance of an accident to exposure to dangerous materials, employers have the responsibility of making the workplace as safe as possible to avoid workplace injuries and illnesses. One way to do this is to protect workers from exposure to harmful levels of lead.

Just last year, the governor of California vetoed a bill that would have increased some protections for workers who may be exposed to lead in the workplace. Many employees in various types of jobs may come into contact with lead, and this can have a detrimental impact on a person's long-term health. While the proposed measures to protect workers did not pass in 2018, state lawmakers will try again with a new one in 2019. 

Construction workers' accidents: Family loses father this holiday

It is never a good time of the year to lose a loved one. However, the loss of a loved during the holidays is all the more difficult and sad. California workers may be saddened to learn of one family's loss this holiday season in one of the country's recent fatal construction workers' accidents.

Few details of the accident have been reported during the pending police investigation. One of his surviving daughters reported the heartbreak her family and mother are feeling this holiday season with the sudden loss of her father. Reportedly, her father suffered fatal injuries after falling down an elevator shaft on a construction site.

Preventing workplace accidents: Good for employees and employers

California employers have the responsibility of making a workplace as safe as reasonably possible. Taking even the most basic of steps to implement safety measures and avoid incidents can keep workers safe and avoid the chance of preventable workplace accidents. It's also good for the employer's bottom line as well. Workplace safety is in the best physical, legal and financial interests of everyone.

Workplace injuries and accidents on job sites can be quite expensive for employers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration encourages employers to implement safety standards as a way to lower their spending and cut costs. Workplace safety challenges come in many forms, but one of the primary concerns is making sure electrical systems are up-to-date and having safety protocols in place. 

Know your rights after a workplace injury

There is no easy way to deal with an injury, especially when it happens on the job. Not only do you have to go through the reality of seeing your coworkers watch you get injured, but you then have to turn around and seek compensation for those injuries through your employer's insurance.

Many times, an injury on the job triggers an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This can worry workers, because they may feel that employers who are fined or penalized will be less likely to want to help with workers' compensation. The good news is that retaliation or the prevention of seeking workers' compensation benefits is illegal.

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