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Construction workers' accidents: Caltrans settles for millions

Caltrans recently agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement with a California man.  The settlement was due to a horrific accident that the young man suffered nearly eight years ago. Construction workers' accidents like his can drastically change an individual's quality of life. 

The man was part of a construction project that occurred alongside a California highway. He worked for a company hired by Caltrans to complete some wiring. At some point, a motorist left the roadway and drove into the construction zone. The worker was struck and seriously injured by the motorist. 

Construction workers' accidents: Man struck by nail gun and dies

A well-loved California man had recently secured his green card when he experienced a sudden fatal accident at his job. Sadly, construction workers' accidents like his are bound to happen when people work in unsafe environments. In cases like his, grieving families are often left to adjust their lives and finances without their loved one.

According to a Cal-OHSA report, the man was measuring a staircase in a building under construction when his accident occurred. Someone working three flights above him dropped a nail gun. The nail gun hit the 38-year-old worker in the head, resulting in the man losing balance and falling another 10 flights to the concrete floor below. Workers witnessed the man convulsing and seizing from the serious head injury he suffered from the fall.

Too many construction workers' accidents involve unsafe trenches

Lives are lost on job sites across California every day. Safety authorities maintain that most construction workers' accidents are preventable -- all it takes is compliance with prescribed safety standards. To create awareness and promote compliance, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, along with other organizations, dedicate one week to safe trenching in June each year.

Because the primary hazard when it comes to trenches is collapsing walls, workers must never enter unprotected trenches. A competent person must analyze the soil type, possible water accumulation, air quality, and other aspects before ordering the applicable protection method. Sloping the embankment of the excavation is the most straightforward protection method, but only if the soil is suitable.

Know what to do as a victim of a workplace car crash

You drive for work every day, and it's hard to imagine that your job could be any more dangerous than anything else you do. In fact, there's a lot of freedom in being a driver in Modesto, since you can stop when you need to and take a break.

Unfortunately, drivers are at risk of being involved in crashes that can result in injuries. Whether those injuries are minor or severe, they are sure to put a damper on your day.

Industrial workers' accidents: Employee trapped in machinery

All workplaces are required to enforce safety measures for employees, but some workplaces are required to have more than others because of the type of work involved. Industries operating with large machinery are required to provide a safe work environment and enforce various policies; otherwise, serious industrial workers' accidents can occur. Currently, Cal-OHSA is investigating the safety policies and procedures at a California steel processing plant following the tragic death of an employee.

Reportedly, the accident occurred at the plant on the night shift. Emergency workers were called to the plant around 3:30 in the morning. The employee was working with a belt and a mandrel at the time of the accident. A mandrel is a cylindrical object used to shape other things. Somehow, the employee became trapped between the belt and the mandrel.

Construction workers' accidents: Man suffers fatal injury

Construction and expansion throughout California often provide work and income to skilled workers, but, unfortunately, all construction sites maintain some risk to workers. When construction workers' accidents occur, workers and their families are at risk of losing much-needed income. When a worker suffers a fatal injury, families may struggle to cope emotionally and financially. Fortunately, many families are qualified to file for worker's compensation death benefits to assist in the financial transition. Sadly, one family in another state is experiencing the shocking grief of a loved one following a tragic accident on a building site.  

The accident occurred on a new building site for a large plumbing distributor. Details of the accident have not been reported, but initial reports indicate that a worker may have been trapped under a steel beam. Two workers were injured in the morning accident.

Construction workers' accidents: Crane crash kills 4

Accidents in the California construction industry are all too common. Unfortunately, construction workers' accidents can result in serious injuries and death. Injured workers may be overwhelmed with filing workers' compensation claims to cover medical and expenses and lost income. And surviving families of those workers killed on the job have their hands full struggling to come to terms with their losses. A recent crash on a construction site in another state resulted in the deaths of four people and injured others.  

The accident occurred near a busy intersection. A large construction crane was being used to facilitate work on a nearby building when it crashed for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, it crashed into traffic, striking cars, damaging the roadway and the nearby building.

Workplace injuries: Company fined after man loses fingers

Fingers and other extremities are important for the daily function and work of most people. Losing any part or all of an extremity can be life-changing. Unfortunately, one California worker lost two fingers last fall in a work-related accident. Workplace injuries like his are most often covered by workers' compensation insurance. 

The employee was hired by a staffing agency and assigned to work for the company where the accident occurred. During his time at the assigned company, he was tasked to clean a dough-rolling machine. In the process, his fingers were pinched and pulled into the machine. Sadly, two of his fingers were amputated.

Industrial workers' accidents: Man loses arm

Time is of the essence when arteries are damaged or severed during an injury. Car and industrial workers' accidents are just two types of accidents that may result in artery damage. Workers in California and across the country who suffer a life-threatening injury at work typically qualify for workers' compensation insurance. One worker in another state will likely file a claim following the loss of his arm while at work.

Reportedly, a factory worker was injured early in the morning. The reports state that the 66-year-worker's arm became entangled in some machinery, which resulted in the loss of his arm. Emergency services were notified and two police officers arrived at the scene first in response to the call.

Woman says workplace injuries continue to cause her pain

The internet has changed the way many people shop and obtain goods. In the process, retailers like Amazon have grown and thrived. In order to deliver goods on a quick schedule as promised to buyers, Amazon has workers and distribution centers all over the country. Some workers are claiming that the work environment is not always safe, and sometimes, quick delivery to buyers is prioritized over worker safety. One young California woman claims she is a victim of workplace injuries, and the injuries continue to affect her daily life.

The 27-year-old worker took a job at Amazon while attending college. She was not new to retail and warehouse work, and she felt the distribution center job was a good fit while completing her degree. The woman was required to hunt down products to be shipped, and lift and place them on conveyor belts. She reports that she lifted as many as 100 items an hour up to 29 pounds.

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