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September 2018 Archives

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by falling wood

When working in building construction, workers are aware that there are safety risks all around them. Whether it is unstable work environments, the large equipment they work with or dangerous tools, there are many ways to suffer an injury on a construction site. When construction workers' accidents occur, employees may need to file a claim through the state-managed workers' compensation program to aide in associated costs. Sadly, one California family may be filing their own claim following the death of their loved one while at work.

Workplace injuries: Man claims unfair treatment after injury

Suffering from an injury obtained on a job site is often difficult. In addition to the pain and injuries that require medical treatment, injured workers may worry about the cost of medical treatment in addition to missed time at work. Most California employers provide workers' compensation insurance benefits for workplace injuries to help workers heal and return to work. One worker in another state has claimed his injury has resulted in unfair treatment following his return from his healed injury.

Employer negligence can lead to electrical injuries on the job

A lot of people understand that there is a risk of electrical shock that construction workers face every day on the job. These people would find it surprising that electrocution remains one of the bigger risks faced by employees outside of the construction sector as well. Electricity can pose a risk in any workplace.

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