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February 2019 Archives

Even office injuries can be serious

You work in an office, so you don't typically worry about getting hurt on the job. Unfortunately, the last few days proved you wrong. First, a coworker tripped on edging as she walked into the room and ended up in the hospital for stitches to her forehead. Now, you wound up falling on the same area. Unlike your coworker, you didn't hit your head, but you did break your wrist when you tried to catch yourself.

Industrial workers' accidents: Man dies at refrigerator company

Union representatives for manufacture workers report that it is a dangerous industry. The large equipment and chemicals required to complete necessary tasks are likely just some of the dangers that face workers on a routine basis. Industrial workers' accidents are not uncommon in California and across the United States, resulting in minor and serious injuries. California workers may be sad to learn of one man's fatal injuries that occurred at a manufacturing facility for General Electric refrigerators.

Preventing workplace accidents involving tractors

There are many types of farms in California, and many of them employ the use of tractors in various ways. Due to the large agricultural industry in the state, tractor safety should be high on employers' lists of priorities for the men and women who work there. Failure to have standards in place can lead to preventable and devastating workplace accidents involving tractors. 

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