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Industrial workers’ accidents: Man dies at refrigerator company

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Union representatives for manufacture workers report that it is a dangerous industry. The large equipment and chemicals required to complete necessary tasks are likely just some of the dangers that face workers on a routine basis. Industrial workers’ accidents are not uncommon in California and across the United States, resulting in minor and serious injuries. California workers may be sad to learn of one man’s fatal injuries that occurred at a manufacturing facility for General Electric refrigerators.

The injured victim was no stranger to the manufacturing industry. Reportedly, the man was a well-liked employee of the factory that employed him for 24 years. Many of the details of the accident are under investigation, but the company reports that the victim became trapped by a machine that installs foam in refrigerators.

Sadly, the man’s injuries were severe. After medical treatment at a hospital, the man died. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is investigating the accident because it is a protocol for the administration to investigate serious work accidents. OHSA would not reveal any details of the pending investigation but confirmed that the accident was work-related. Family and friends report that the man was actively involved in his community, and his presence will be missed.

In the wake of tragic industrial workers’ accidents such as this one, some families qualify for insurance benefits. Applying for workers’ compensation benefits can be difficult, especially when planning funeral details and managing expenses after death. California attorneys are equipped to assist grieving families with filing for death benefits through the state-managed system.