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July 2016 Archives

Man suffers fatal work injury at hotel construction site

Construction sites are bountiful in California, but not all of them are entirely safe. No matter the worker's experience, he or she often faces a variety of dangers at every turn. When someone suffers a work injury, it may not always be immediately clear what caused it, which can leave other workers at risk until the safety inadequacy is discovered and addressed.

Where to find answers for questions about workers' compensation

When a California worker is injured on the job, a complicated process may unfold in the days and weeks that follow. Depending on the circumstances and severity of an injury, an injured worker may require repeated visits to a doctor in order to achieve recovery. In addition, the incident must be reported to the employer and documents signed and submitted if a workers' compensation claim is being filed.

Work injury leads to man's death

Industrial workplaces in California might be necessary, but this does not mean that they are ideal environments for workers. Whether working in a manufacturing facility or factory, employees often face dangers at every turn. When a work injury does occur, it is not always immediately clear what led to it, leaving others at risk until safety inadequacies are discovered and addressed. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration cautioned that its investigation into an out-of-state workers' death could take around six months.

4 injured workers could qualify for workers' compensation

Four construction workers suffered injuries due to their involvement in a recent construction accident. The accident, which occurred out-of-state, occurred on a recent Thursday in late June. Just as in California, due to the fact that the victims were injured while working at a construction site, they will qualify for workers' compensation.

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