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November 2014 Archives

Man injured on the job washing windows in California

Most every job requires instructions as to safety precautions and regulations, as there can be an accident or mishap in nearly every industry. Jobs requiring workers to work at extreme heights can be extremely dangerous, and someone can become injured on the job despite the safety precautions or regulations at hand. Recently, in California, a window washer was injured on the job as he fell many stories below.  

A fair settlement may require a workers' compensation appeal

No industry -- and therefore, no worker -- is completely safe from a work injury. When any kind of work injury does occur, it is vital that an injured California worker fully understand the process of utilizing workers' compensation benefits. It is also vital that every worker understand that benefits may not initially be awarded, at least not to the extent that those benefits are needed. This may mean that an appeal of a ruling concerning workers' compensation benefits may need to be pursued.

Circus fined for trick that left performers injured on the job

The circus in general thrives on the idea or illusion of death-defying acts. Even though the circus and entertainment industry in California and elsewhere is highly regulated to ensure safety of performers, tricks or stunts can go wrong and leave performers injured on the job. The world famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has been cited for an accident that made national headlines after eight acrobats were seriously injured.

Worker at meat plant injured on the job

Any kind of factory work can pose many dangers, some hidden and some very obvious. The types of machines used in meatpacking and processing plants can be dangerous when used and also dangerous when they need to be cleaned or repaired. Anyone in California who works at a factory or facility where dangerous equipment is used may be interested in a recent incident that resulted in a worker being injured on the job.

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