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January 2017 Archives

Industrial workers' accidents can be fatal and costly

Accidents can happen on any job resulting in injuries of those involved, but some work environments naturally are more risky than others. Employers are required by the state of California to carry workers' compensation insurance to benefit and aide any employee who may be injured on the job. Industrial workers' accidents unfortunately can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Recently, a family lost their husband and father as a result of an unfortunate accident working for an electrical company.

Business denied workers' compensation to employees for years

California law requires employers to purchase workers' compensation insurance as a benefit for employees. It is in place to protect the employees if they are injured or become ill on the job. If an employer chooses not adhere to the law, he or she may face criminal charges and hefty fines. Recently, a couple faced the consequences of not providing workers' compensation insurance to their employees for a period of about six years.

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