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June 2015 Archives

Injured amusement park employee might seek workers' compensation

Roller-coasters can be a source of great entertainment for many thrill-seekers. With fast speeds, upside-down loops and the chance to experience g-forces akin to what jet fighter pilots feel, they can be very exhilarating. Though riding one isn't usually cause for concern, sometimes things go wrong. Due to reasons not completely known at this time, an employee of an amusement park was seriously injured in a roller-coaster accident. As the individual was injured at work, he or she may seek to file a workers' compensation claim.

California construction site accidents and workers' compensation

Workers in many lines of work in California are susceptible to getting injured on the job. Whether lifting heavy boxes in a warehouse or working with sharp objects in a kitchen, when a worker is not careful, injuries can often be the result. However, some of the most dangerous places to work are very often construction sites, as the potential injuries incurred can be serious, if not life-threatening. When a worker is injured on the job in California, he or she is often entitled to receive workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation claim may be filed for California worker

Many lines of work contain certain dangers and carry inherent risks. Some workers know that, in their line of work, it's only a matter of time before they might be injured. When a worker in California is injured on the job, he or she is often entitled to file a workers' compensation claim in order to help cover the medical costs and wages lost.

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