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April 2014 Archives

3 California construction workers injured on the job

Working construction in any capacity alongside a busy roadway can be a dangerous endeavor. Whenever cars or trucks are buzzing by as work takes place, there is a greater risk of injury or worse for those workers. A recent incident along a Sacramento California freeway resulted in three workers being injured on the job.

In California, 2 nurses both suffered an injury on the job

There are certain professions that are inherently more dangerous than others. Certainly, any profession that involves dealing with the public can lead to dangerous altercations. The medical field can even be dangerous because patients -- or even those visiting them -- can become unstable, angry or even violent. Two recent incidents in California show just how easy it may be for nurses to be hurt, as two different nurses both suffered an injury on the job.

California employee suffered an injury on the job

Working in a market or any kind of retail establishment does not typically come with too many hazards. Since there is money at these locales, there is always the danger posed by those who may wish to rob a place. A recent California incident highlights how risky it may be for some employees, as one person suffered an injury on the job while an attempted robbery took place.

Explosion leads to work injury for 5 workers

Working in the gas industry can come with many potential dangers. Those dangers can lead to a work injury at any time and it can also impact the lives of those who live near a gas facility. Anyone who works at a gas processing plant in California may be interested to hear what happened at a plant just north of California recently.

California fast food worker injured on the job

There are certain fields where a person may find they have several duties to perform during a shift. In the fast food industry, workers may be required to do more than serve or make food. There may even be duties that require them to be outside of the restaurant and vulnerable to being injured on the job. One fast food worker in California was injured on the job recently while outside of the establishment.

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