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May 2013 Archives

Work injury suffered at Steven Tyler's California home

Construction work at a home can be just as dangerous as any other kind of construction work. A work injury that occurred recently at the California home of rock star Steven Tyler left a man injured as he was doing work on the outside of the residence. Steven Tyler was not at home at the time of the accident.

Repairs in California neighborhood lead to work injury

Any kind of work involving electricity can be especially dangerous and can result in falls, burns or a wide range of injuries. Repairs to active electrical or gas systems can easily lead to accidents which ultimately increases the risks of a work injury for any power company worker on the scene. Recently in California, a Pacific Gas and Electric worker was injured while conducting needed repairs in a San Francisco neighborhood.

California company cited for death of workers injured on the job

Any kind of construction work can be especially dangerous considering the size of equipment and the weight of components used in construction work. There are naturally many regulations in place, yet a sometimes those regulations may be overlooked and workers can become injured on the job. Recently in California, a construction worker died on the job and the company was cited for the incident.

California worker suffers fatal work injury in Menifee

Any kind of work involving electricity can be dangerous to anyone involved. For one California worker, a work injury related to electricity proved fatal and others around were injured also. They worked for Southern California Edison.

California boss found at fault for death due to work injury

There are many legal safeguards for workers and protections to help employers ensure the safety and security of their workers, such as workers' compensation benefits for workers that become injured or die on the job. While most businesses in California stick to strict safety standards and make certain that workers' compensation benefits are intact, there may be times when a business owner has acted negligently by not properly training his employees and a work injury results in death. For one California business owner, the criminal courts found him guilty for his role in the death of a worker.

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