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July 2014 Archives

California worker suffers fatal work injury, other hospitalized

Construction work in general can be hazardous and lead to serious injuries. During the summer months, any construction needed at high schools in California may typically be conducted at this time so as to be completed before students return to school. Two construction workers at a California high school were recently involved in an incident that led to a work injury for both, including a fatal injury for one.

Worker injured on the job at California site

Any kind of work in the construction industry can be particularly risky. However, when there is a job site or specific project that requires construction workers to be on the scene at night, there may be an increased chance of a worker being injured on the job. Recently in California, a worker was injured on the job as he worked along the road at night.

Chemical spill leads to an injured worker

Some industries are simply more dangerous than others. Any industry or job that requires the use of or transportation of chemicals can be wrought with dangers. However, despite these dangers, California and other states work hard to abide by strict safety standards and regulations to minimize the incidence of injuries. Yet, even with safety regulations in place, a work injury can occur and lead to an injured worker in need of help.

Man suffers work injury related to gas fire

Any kind of work involving gas can be particularly dangerous. The very nature of working with flammable substances can lead to an increase in the chance of a work injury occurring at any time. The gasoline industry in California and other states is highly regulated as a means of ensuring worker safety and ensuring that proper training and safety measures are upheld. Despite those assurances and regulations, accidents can still occur and any work injury can be very disastrous.

Worker injured on the job while building grocery store

The erection of major stores and grocery store chains can entail a lot of hard work and include a great number of workers to complete the tasks. Most every construction worker in California is highly trained as to the skills needed to perform the job and the safety regulations that may keep them safe and also keep their co-workers safe. However, despite the training and safety precautions, accidents may still occur, and workers may need help after being injured on the job.

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