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Man suffers work injury related to gas fire

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Any kind of work involving gas can be particularly dangerous. The very nature of working with flammable substances can lead to an increase in the chance of a work injury occurring at any time. The gasoline industry in California and other states is highly regulated as a means of ensuring worker safety and ensuring that proper training and safety measures are upheld. Despite those assurances and regulations, accidents can still occur and any work injury can be very disastrous.

One recent accident in another state led to injuries for a worker. The accident occurred at a Quick Stop location. The worker involved was inside of a pit next to the gasoline pumps. He was cutting part of the gasoline storage tank when there was a spark. The spark caused a fire.

The fire that ensued led to the man’s clothes catching aflame. The worker was transported to a medical facility for treatment of the injuries he suffered. His injuries were listed as serious in nature, yet details of how serious were not released at the time.

Whenever a fire occurs and leads to a work injury, there may be extensive medical care needed and also ongoing treatment of injuries, particularly if burn injuries are involved. The man in this accident may also need to take off work to recover. In California and elsewhere, if there is a work injury that requires medical treatment and ongoing care, the worker injured can often rely on workers’ compensation benefits to cover the cost of the treatments and also cover the financial strain of not being able to return to work right away.

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