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September 2012 Archives

California workers' compensation bill signed into law

With the recent economic struggles in the U.S. economy, many state and local governments are looking to amend laws in their effort to reduce their bottom line. Few states have felt the effects of the struggling economy more than California. After a recent bill was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, lawmakers are claiming that the state's workers' compensation system has taken a positive step toward being more efficient for both employers and injured workers.

Work injury of California police officer ends in tragedy

Police officers across the state make thousands of routine traffic stops each day. However, every once in a while, these stops can turn into treacherous situations which put the officer at risk of suffering a severe work injury. In a recent tragic case, a California officer was shot and killed while he made a traffic stop along a California roadway.

California fireworks display results in fatal work injury

Fireworks should always be handled with extreme caution. Given the volatile nature of fireworks and their potential to produce damaging explosions, California workers who work with fireworks are required to take the utmost care in preparing these fireworks displays to protect all individuals who will be near the fireworks when they are ignited. Unfortunately, in a recent tragic accident, a young California man suffered a fatal work injury while setting up a fireworks display, and it remains unclear what exactly caused the accident to occur.

California construction workers: how to protect the family

Sadly, during the course of a year, workers are killed in on-the-job accidents in California and across the country. The emotional and financial strain that the families of deceased construction workers must face is often considerable. Fortunately, in those instances when such a tragedy does strike, they may be able receive assistance. This assistance, which normally comes in the form of workers' compensation death benefits, may serve an extremely useful purpose while a family tries to come to terms with the unthinkable events which occurred.

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