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August 2016 Archives

1 killed in fatal construction work injury

Construction zones abound in California, and working at one can be dangerous. If injured at a work site, a construction worker is likely entitled to workers' compensation benefits. In the event a worker suffers a fatal work injury, the victim's family will be entitled to death benefits instead.

Worker's foot caught in machine, may seek workers' compensation

Keeping their workplace safe is a very real issue for all California employers in today's economy. Most do everything in their power to comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to safety standards. However, no matter how safe a work environment may be, there is still a significant chance that workers on construction sites will, at one time or another, suffer a serious injury that will result in them filing workers' compensation claims.

Bulldozer worker suffers work injury in accident, dies

Most workers in California are safe, responsible, and thoroughly understand all of the dangers that the work entails at the job. Proper precautions are taken, the right safety equipment -- if needed -- is worn, and risks that would unnecessarily violate the workplace's safety protocols are not taken. Unfortunately, even when all of the above is kept in mind and the worker does everything right, a significant work injury can still occur while on the job.

Company facing fines after worker suffers fatal work injury

Those in California who work in construction know that their job carries with it a significant of risk of injury. Between workers high above the ground and heavy machinery, a construction site is a dangerous place. If proper safety equipment and training is not utilized and implemented by the company, a serious work injury may result. A construction company is now facing fines due to an accident that occurred earlier this year and resulted in a worker's death.

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