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Bulldozer worker suffers work injury in accident, dies

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Workplace Accidents |

Most workers in California are safe, responsible, and thoroughly understand all of the dangers that the work entails at the job. Proper precautions are taken, the right safety equipment — if needed — is worn, and risks that would unnecessarily violate the workplace’s safety protocols are not taken. Unfortunately, even when all of the above is kept in mind and the worker does everything right, a significant work injury can still occur while on the job.

A Cal Fire Department recently identified a worker who was killed at a job site recently. The accident took place on a recent Tuesday in July. The man, a bulldozer operator, was a 35-year-old Friant man.

The man had been involved in fighting the Soberanes Fire, according to the Cal Fire Battalion Chief. Bulldozers are often employed to help fight fires, as they can be very effective at building a large number of fire lines over a short amount of time. According to the chief, an investigation into this accident will begin shortly.

Even though some work sites in California are, by their very nature, dangerous places work, that does not clear a worker’s supervisors from their responsibility to help keep their employees safe. In the event a worker suffers a work injury or is killed, it does not mean that the individual — or, in the event of a fatality, the individual’s loved ones — loses his or her right to justice. In fact, workers are fully within their legal rights to file for workers compensation claims.

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