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October 2014 Archives

Man working alone is injured on the job at work site

Construction work sites can be the scene of any number of work injuries. There are typically a great deal of safety precautions and standards in place to minimize the chances of a workplace injury. Also, other workers are quick to react and get needed help when someone suffers a workplace injury in California or elsewhere. The scene can be dramatically different when a worker is alone when they are injured on the job.

California worker injured on the job by electricity

Any kind of electrical work can be very dangerous, even when there are safeguards in place or a person is highly skilled in electrical work. When there is an accident with electricity and someone is injured on the job, the consequences can be serious. A recent accident in California left one worker seriously burned.

Worker injured on the job due to gas vapors

Automotive repair shops can be dangerous because of the nature of the work and the materials used in that kind of work environment. Any automotive repair shop in California must follow specific standards and regulations to ensure the safety and welfare of both workers and customers. When gasoline is involved, the risk that a worker may be injured on the job is increased, even if they are doing their best to abide by the standards and regulations in place.

California family may seek workers' compensation after accident

When an employee dies while on the job, an investigation into the event by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration typically takes place. During this investigation, OSHA will look for potential safety violations that may have led to the accident taking place. While the investigation is ongoing, the family of the deceased victim may want to determine whether they could potentially qualify for workers' compensation.

Work injury with gas tank turns fatal

Any kind of work with gas or natural gas can be dangerous and lead to injuries. Because of the inherent danger of this kind of work, there are strict laws and regulations surrounding the operations of any natural gas facility in California or any other state. Despite these regulations, accidents can still happen and a work injury is possible. Recently, a work injury at a natural gas facility turned fatal.

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