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July 2015 Archives

Roof collapses, construction worker suffers work injury

In regards to workplace danger in California, there is perhaps no other workplace environment that offers more danger than that of an industrial or construction worker. Between heavy machinery and the tools often required to get the job done, the average industrial and construction worker goes up against a slew of dangers while attending to his or her daily responsibilities. As a result of these dangerous environs, a work injury is often viewed as an unfortunate -- if not inevitable -- aspect of that specific line of work.

Lightning strikes power pole, injured worker survives

Over the course of an individual's life, he or she might be responsible for any number of different jobs. Most individuals' jobs do not put them at any inherent risk of serious injury; however, there are certain industries where injury is far from uncommon. Individuals who work in the field for electric companies sometimes find themselves on the receiving end of a very large shock. A recent injured worker in California received an even bigger jolt from Mother Nature.

Worker's arms severed in industrial work injury

Over the course of an individual's life, he or she may work in a variety of occupations. Although each position holds its own dangers, there are few occupations that put a worker in danger in California more consistently than industrial work. A recent work injury might have the injured worker filing for workers' compensation benefits.

Construction worker injured on the job due to hit-and-run

Of all the lines of work that people find themselves in throughout their lives, many California residents know that working in construction can be one of the most dangerous. Between working with powerful tools and colossal construction vehicles, as well as dealing with the heights at which he or she must often work, a construction worker is exposed to an enormous amount of danger on a day-to-day basis. Needless to say, accidents occur, and workers are often injured on the job.

Workers' compensation loophole cruel to California workers

A loophole that was created when California legislators reformed the state's workers' compensation system has, according to some, caused devastating harm to the workers the system is supposed to protect. The reforms were aimed to both improve the care injured workers received while reducing employers' costs. Before the workers' compensation reform, many workers often waited months before they received their necessary medical care.  

Industrial work injury: steamroller runs over California worker

Workplace accidents can happen in nearly any field of work. From slipping on the stairs on the way to the office to falling from a scaffold at a construction site, many California workers are at risk every day they arrive at work. Perhaps one of the most dangerous fields in which a work injury often occurs is in industrial work.

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