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June 2014 Archives

California workers injured on the job by huge beams

Working on any kind of construction site can be inherently dangerous, despite safety protocol or equipment found at job sites. When it comes to overpasses and night work, there can be an increased risk of being injured on the job due to the nature of the job and the type of equipment around. A recent California job accident resulted in two workers being injured after large steel beams fell from an overpass.

Workers injured on the job in California after explosion

Workplace accidents are always hoped to be avoided, but unfortunately, a sudden incident can take place at a moment's notice. It is true that with the proper safety equipment and precautions in place the likelihood of an accident decreases. However, unforeseeable circumstances can sometimes arise that lead to a situation in which an employee becomes injured on the job.

Carnival workers injured on the job

This is the time of year when throngs of visitors flock to carnivals, amusement parks and fairs. At these events, there are often thrilling and exciting rides. Those rides are subject to local, state and federal safety codes and guidelines to ensure their safe operation. While the rides may be deemed safe for visitors and thrill-seekers, there may still be the opportunity for those who work on and assemble the rides to become injured on the job. Anyone in California who works with amusement equipment may be interested in a recent accident.

Two suffer a work injury at the same California work site

Any kind of construction site can become dangerous given the nature of the work and the type of equipment used. While workers are highly trained and machinery is regulated, human error or mechanical issues can still occur, leading to the possibility of a work injury on any site. On one particular California work site, two workers were injured in the same day but in separate incidents.

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