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Two suffer a work injury at the same California work site

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Any kind of construction site can become dangerous given the nature of the work and the type of equipment used. While workers are highly trained and machinery is regulated, human error or mechanical issues can still occur, leading to the possibility of a work injury on any site. On one particular California work site, two workers were injured in the same day but in separate incidents.

One worker on the condominium site was putting up a wall. For some reason, the wall next to him fell on top of him. Authorities believe the wall was hit by something. The worker was able to crawl out of the space, but he needed medical treatment and was said to have had a head injury.

Another incident later that same morning involved a worker being struck by equipment. A shovel at the end of the machine struck the worker as he stood in its path. The operator tried to stop the machine, but it was too late to avoid hitting the worker. That worker also needed medical attention after the incident.

Whenever there is any kind of work injury at a site, an investigation is often conducted to discover what may have gone wrong and how best California work sites can improve to prevent any similar accidents from occurring. The two men who were injured in these separate incidents may both have to deal with medical bills or lost wages as they recover from their injuries. It is vital that these two Individuals understand the workers’ compensation laws that may apply to them and how best to pursue the protection of their rights as workers in California.

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