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November 2013 Archives

Worker injured on the job at California airport.

Any kind of heavy machinery can be difficult to operate, even for the highly trained workers who use them everyday. Even with the proper training and safety precautions in place, a worker can be injured on the job. Recently, a worker was injured in California while using equipment commonly known as a scissor lift.

More bad news for car company as injured worker needs help

The car company Tesla Motors has been plagued by several high-profile incidents that have landed it in the news lately. However, the most recent incident in a California plant resulted in more than one injured worker needing help. In all, three workers were injured while working at the car plant.

Tree trimming leads to fatal work injury in California

Any kind of work that requires climbing or being suspended from very high points can be unsettling and lead to injury. For some industries, there is no way of avoiding the dangers of being hoisted up high above the ground. In California recently, a man sustained a fatal work injury as a result of doing work that required being high up in the air.

Fatal work injury takes the life of a California worker

Any kind of highway work can be dangerous, especially in the dark and the early morning hours. Workers are often very close to passing vehicles and risk potential work injury or worse if a driver loses control of a vehicle. Recently in California, two construction workers were hit by a car as they were working along the roadway.

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