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Tree trimming leads to fatal work injury in California

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2013 | Workplace Injuries |

Any kind of work that requires climbing or being suspended from very high points can be unsettling and lead to injury. For some industries, there is no way of avoiding the dangers of being hoisted up high above the ground. In California recently, a man sustained a fatal work injury as a result of doing work that required being high up in the air.

The man was performing tree trimming work at a California home. The man was high up on a cherry picker along with another worker. As they worked, a branch fell and hit on top of his head. The early morning accident proved to be fatal.

There is currently an investigation into what exactly took place and how the man died. The Occupational Safety and Health is conducting the investigation as they typically do in cases were there has been a death or severe injuries. If there was any negligence on the part of the equipment, training of the workers, or other factors that may have contributed to the death, the company will have to address those issues.

The worker who died while trimming the tree was protected by laws and statutes in the state of California. His family is entitled to financial benefits that will helpful as they contend with adjusting to his lost wages. They may have also incurred financial hardship as a result of medical bills or even funeral costs, and worker’s compensation benefits in California can help them overcome the effects of the fatal work injury that took the life of their loved one.

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