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March 2015 Archives

Town worker dies after being injured on the job

Road work can be wrought with dangers. Many employees who work on road construction or improvement projects may fear being injured on the job by passing drivers. However, a worker can be injured on the job due to the actions of another worker. California road crews may want to follow the story of a town road worker who was fatally injured while filling potholes.

Work injury suffered at California clothing plant

An industrial or factory job often entails the risk of injury simply due to the nature of the machinery that is operated at such locations. A clothing factory has many hazards as workers toil with heavy, dangerous and complex equipment. Recently in California, an employee suffered a work injury involving a machine at a plant.

Worker injured on the job while clearing snow from roof

Any kind of work done at a great height or while on the roof of a building can pose a hazard to a worker. When dangerous or treacherous weather makes the task of being on a roof more perilous, there may be a greater chance that a worker may be injured on the job. Any California worker who has to be on a roof and fears winter weather may make a job harder may want to follow the story of an out-of-state worker who recently fell through a roof on which he was working.

Man suffers work injury after fire breaks out

Any place of employment can pose hidden and some not-so-hidden dangers for workers in any given industry. However, fire can be a danger in virtually any line of work and in any industry in California. Recently, a worker in a mechanical shop at a construction company suffered a work injury after a fire broke out at a company.

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