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Man suffers work injury after fire breaks out

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2015 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Any place of employment can pose hidden and some not-so-hidden dangers for workers in any given industry. However, fire can be a danger in virtually any line of work and in any industry in California. Recently, a worker in a mechanical shop at a construction company suffered a work injury after a fire broke out at a company.

The incident occurred on a Thursday morning. The fire broke out in a specific area of the business, and crews were able to contain the flames to the particular area in which the fire was located. Despite the containment of the fire to one area, one worker was burned in the incident.

The injured worker suffered burns to his hands and his legs. He was rushed to a medical facility for treatment of those burns. The fire chief said the fire caused an expensive loss to the business, and the cause of the fire was still under investigation at the time the incident was reported.

Burn injuries can be particularly debilitating and difficult to treat. A work injury that involves burns may require extensive medical treatment and leave a worker with scars. An injured worker who has suffered burns may also be left unable to perform work in a certain field again. Any California worker who suffers a work injury related to burns or a workplace fire may want to be aware of workers’ compensation benefits. One should also know what resources are available to fight for the benefits he or she feels that he or she is entitled to but is not receiving.

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