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Who Pays My Medical Bills If I’m Injured On The Job?

Treating a significant injury can often be quite expensive, especially if your injury requires multiple visits to the doctor and extensive rehabilitation. However, it is important to remember that if your injury occurs at work, you may be entitled to medical care under California’s workers’ compensation laws at no cost to yourself.

In fact, when you suffer a work-related injury, the claims administrator for your employer’s insurer ― or your employer themselves if they are self-insured ― must pay for any medical care that is reasonably required to treat or cure your injury. It is even against the law for your doctor to bill you directly if he or she knows your injury is work-related.

At The Law Office of Gary C. Nelson, we understand that a serious work-related injury can make life difficult, especially if you are no longer able to earn a paycheck. So let our experienced attorneys help you file your workers’ compensation claim so you can get the medical benefits you deserve.

Do I Get To Pick My Own Doctor?

If you went through the steps to predesignate your own personal doctor before you suffered your work-related injury, then you will be able to see this doctor for treatment. However, if your employer has selected a group of physicians to treat injured workers ― otherwise known as a medical provider network (MPN) ― you will typically have to choose one of the doctors within this group. Similarly, if your employer has a health care organization (HCO), and you choose to be in it, the HCO will coordinate your medical care.

But, if you haven’t predesignated a doctor and your employer doesn’t have an MPN or HCO, the claims administrator will have the right to pick your doctor for the first 30 days. After 30 days, you can choose your own doctor.

However, regardless of who treats your work injury, it is possible that your doctor and the insurance company will disagree as to the extent of your injuries or the medical treatment needed. But don’t worry, if there is a disagreement, you may be able to seek an additional evaluation by a qualified medical evaluator (QME).

In any case, it is always best to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney should you have any questions, particularly since the information above is just a basic outline of what you should know about medical care following a work-related injury. A skilled lawyer can explain your legal options and help ensure your rights are protected.

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