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Top Three Reasons To Hire A Local Workers’ Comp Lawyer

It’s no secret that there are several law firms that claim to serve work injury victims in the Modesto area even though they are not based here or even have a local office. As many people quickly realize when they choose to hire these firms, they never get the personalized service they expect and deserve.

In fact, in some cases, everything is done by paperwork and you never even meet with your attorney. Even worse, when your court date arrives, your out-of-town law firm may decide to hire someone completely different to show up and handle your case.

No matter how “local” these firms try to appear in the yellow pages, the truth is that there is simply no substitute for hiring a law firm that is actually local and has ties to the community ― a firm like The Law Office of Gary C. Nelson. Not only are we located in Modesto, but we also have decades of legal experience and are committed to helping injured workers seek the workers’ comp benefits they deserve. However, there are several other reasons why you should hire a local firm, including:

  • Our attorneys will meet with you personally: When you seek legal guidance from us, you can count on meeting with your lawyer one-on-one. In fact, our attorneys personally handle every case, meaning they will fully explain your options and carefully walk you through the workers’ compensation process every step of the way.
  • Our attorneys will actually show up: When you have a court date, a hearing or any other meeting, our attorneys will actually show up, not someone else. You will never have to worry about us hiring a different lawyer to take our place.
  • Our attorneys are familiar with the local legal community: Unlike many out-of-town law firms, we have a reputation for success in the Modesto area. We are familiar with the local courts, judges and other attorneys ― and they are familiar with us. Simply put, those in the local legal community know we have integrity and understand we are committed to our clients.

As the son of a blue collar union worker, attorney Gary C. Nelson knows the challenges faced by injured workers. You can trust us to give your case the attention and care it deserves. So contact us today and learn how we can help you. You can schedule your free initial consultation by calling 209-222-4089. You can also reach us online.