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July 2013 Archives

Fatal work injury takes life of California worker

Any kind of job can have its specific dangers or risks, especially if the worker is alone. Many people may assume working in a grocery store is a relatively safe occupational path; however there can still be risks involved. A California man recently suffered a fatal work injury in a grocery store due to an accident with a cardboard baler.

California farm closed as result of work injury that led to death

During this time of year, the heat can be as dangerous as any machine or tool used in any workplace. Without proper training, awareness or access to help, a work injury can lead to death when excessive heat is a factor. For one California farm, an order to stop operations has resulted from the death of a worker that may be due to the heat and lack of proper procedure.

California firework mishap leads to severely injured worker

The firework or pyrotechnic industry can be a very risky line of work for anyone regardless of how long the employer has been around or how well trained a worker is. For one California man, doing his job has led to devastating injuries. The injured worker was igniting fireworks at an Ojai California show over the holiday when something went terribly wrong.

Work injury turns deadly for California tree trimmer

When people think of tree trimming work, they may think the heights workers need to endure may pose the greatest risk for workers health and well-being. Recently, a California tree trimmer met up with another hazard that actually took his life. Electricity appears to be the culprit in the work injury that turned deadly for the man involved.

A work injury turns deadly at a grain facility

When people think about work accidents related to farming, grain silos or facilities that handle grain, they may not immediately conjure up images of an explosion. However, explosions at grain facilities, even in California, are more common than many may think because of the explosive nature of grain dust. This seems to be what happened when a work injury turned deadly for a worker inside of a grain elevator recently.

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