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Work injury turns deadly for California tree trimmer

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2013 | Workplace Accidents |

When people think of tree trimming work, they may think the heights workers need to endure may pose the greatest risk for workers health and well-being. Recently, a California tree trimmer met up with another hazard that actually took his life. Electricity appears to be the culprit in the work injury that turned deadly for the man involved.

Reports indicate the 52-year-old tree trimmer was working above power lines to trim branches at a residence in San Jose. He was walking on a safety rope when it apparently fell on top of a live power line. The electricity travelled through the line and rope, directly affecting the worker.

It is unclear who called for help; however the man was pronounced dead at the scene. There is currently an investigation into the incident. It is also unclear what kind of safety equipment would be the norm for working above live power lines.

The man who suffered the fatal work injury may have left behind a family who is dependent on his income to support them. Since the man was killed while doing the job he was hired to do, California worker’s compensation benefits will help his family stay afloat and handle the financial ramifications of his work related death, such as the burden of losing his income, medical bills and funeral costs. The laws of California related to work injury and deaths of workers ensure that those who are injured or killed are adequately compensated and care for in the event that they can no longer do a job they were trained to do or can no longer care for their families.

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