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August 2014 Archives

California power worker injured on the job

Electricity can be extremely dangerous, especially for those who have to work with it in any capacity. Individuals who work with the power company are highly trained to work with electricity in all forms, yet it is still possible for a power company worker to be injured on the job. Just recently in California, a power worker was shocked and injured as a result.

California man injured on the job when sign falls

Any work or job involving the handling of gasoline or other explosive gases can be dangerous and worrisome, as there is a possibility of an accident. However, there are other dangers that can end up leading to incidents on the job aside from the dangers of gas. Recently in California, a man was injured on the job by a falling sign.

Postal worker injured on the job by weather event

Most every job has safety regulations and procedures to keep workers safe. Yet, there are some dangers that simply can’t be avoided. Weather is one of those dangers that can’t be predicted or controlled. Recently, a postal worker was injured on the job by a lighting strike. Anyone in California who may be exposed to the weather or in a vehicle when a storm is brewing while they are working may want to learn more about what happened.

Man working on wind turbine suffers work injury

Any kind of construction or repair work that requires being high off the ground is inherently dangerous. In California, wind turbines for energy are extremely high and can be treacherous to repair or work on. One worker who was using a crane to work on a wind turbine suffered a work injury after a malfunction.

Several suffer a work injury in California related to flooding

A recent incident of flooding has garnered attention. The rupture of a water main in Los Angeles, California, caught national attention as tens of millions of gallons of water poured through the campus and flooded streets, buildings and parking garages. However, several people responding to the scene have now reportedly suffered a work injury related to trying to get control of the flooding.

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