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Postal worker injured on the job by weather event

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Most every job has safety regulations and procedures to keep workers safe. Yet, there are some dangers that simply can’t be avoided. Weather is one of those dangers that can’t be predicted or controlled. Recently, a postal worker was injured on the job by a lighting strike. Anyone in California who may be exposed to the weather or in a vehicle when a storm is brewing while they are working may want to learn more about what happened.

The postal worker was in her mail truck when there was a lightning strike nearby. The woman was touching part of the inside of the vehicle. This caused her to be burned by the contact.

Paramedics came to the scene and rendered assistance. She was taken to a medical facility for treatment of injuries that were reported to be serious. An expert gave advice pertaining to the incident and advised anyone in a car during a storm to keep their hands folded in their lap and keep from touching the inside of the car.

Burn injuries can be particularly difficult for any worker to deal with as there may be scarring and rehabilitative surgery that mean time off work and recovery time that can be difficult to predict. Any California worker who is injured on the job from lightning or any other kind of burn may want to be sure to know exactly what their rights are and what to expect as far as benefits are concerned. While postal workers may claim benefits under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, state-regulated workers’ compensation benefits can help other injured workers deal with medical bills, lost wages or other expenses related to be injured on the job.

Source:, “Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Postal Worker Injured By Lightning Strike”, Jess Baker, Aug. 15, 2014

Source:, “Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Postal Worker Injured By Lightning Strike”, Jess Baker, Aug. 15, 2014


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