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Man working on wind turbine suffers work injury

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Any kind of construction or repair work that requires being high off the ground is inherently dangerous. In California, wind turbines for energy are extremely high and can be treacherous to repair or work on. One worker who was using a crane to work on a wind turbine suffered a work injury after a malfunction.

The accident happened in the early morning as the man was operating the crane. Apparently, there was some sort of malfunction related to an automatic shut-off. The crane tipped over as a result and crushed the cab of the crane with the man inside.

The man needed to be airlifted from the scene in order to receive medical treatment. The general manager of the company has said the worker was in stable condition, but no details were given as to the exact nature of the injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was investigating the incident.

Anyone in California who suffers a work injury related to working on wind turbines or other energy sources should be aware of their legal rights and what kind of workers’ compensation benefits they may be entitled to receive. When a worker is injured, even with a minor injury, they may incur medical bills and lose wages as they miss work to seek medical treatment. Workers’ compensation benefits protect those who suffer a work injury and need medical care as a result. It is within the rights of any injured worker (or the surviving family of a worker who was killed on-the-job) to seek help in obtaining all of the benefits to which they may be entitled.

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