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More bad news for car company as injured worker needs help

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2013 | Workplace Accidents |

The car company Tesla Motors has been plagued by several high-profile incidents that have landed it in the news lately. However, the most recent incident in a California plant resulted in more than one injured worker needing help. In all, three workers were injured while working at the car plant.

The accident happened when what was described as a low-pressure aluminum casting press malfunctioned. The failure of the press left three workers injured by hot metal. Local fire officials responded to the scene, but there were no specifics given as to the condition of the injured workers on the scene.

Any kind of automotive work involving hot metal can lead to extensive injuries when equipment malfunctions. These kinds of incidents are typically investigated by authorities such as OSHA. If a malfunction is found and can be corrected, the auto plant will have to make efforts to improve or repair the equipment that led to any injuries.

While some companies may be dismayed by the media attention serious workplace injuries can garner, an injured worker in California may be more concerned with the injuries he has suffered and how workers’ compensation laws will protect him while he recovers. The Tesla workers who were injured by hot metal may have medical bills and also need workers’ compensation protection to cover the lost wages they may miss out on while recovering. By having these state-regulated benefits and protections in place, California workers can focus on getting better rather than worrying about how being injured at work may impact their finances.

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