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Carnival workers injured on the job

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

This is the time of year when throngs of visitors flock to carnivals, amusement parks and fairs. At these events, there are often thrilling and exciting rides. Those rides are subject to local, state and federal safety codes and guidelines to ensure their safe operation. While the rides may be deemed safe for visitors and thrill-seekers, there may still be the opportunity for those who work on and assemble the rides to become injured on the job. Anyone in California who works with amusement equipment may be interested in a recent accident.

A Ferris wheel was part of a week long carnival in a Northeastern state. As the event drew to a close on a Sunday night, workers began to dismantle the ride. As they did so, part of the Ferris wheel collapsed, and two of the workers were injured.

The two injured workers needed medical attention. Although the injuries were initially thought to be minor, there was no word as to how the injuries may impact the worker’s ability to perform their job. The workers are said to be recovering.

Whenever a worker is injured on the job in California or elsewhere, the need for medical attention can lead to medical bills. Medical bills can be expensive and the need for medical attention can take away from time a on-the-job. Because of the impact that being injured on the job can have on a worker’s health, finances and ability to continue in a certain line of work, workers’ compensation insurance provides important benefits to help cover ongoing medical bills and also provide a wage stipend for time missed from work while recovering.

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